Social Media Plan for Elementary Parents starting November 4

Racking your brain for a way to provoke meaningful conversations between parents and their elementary kids in less than 140 characters? Well, rack no more!

Below, you will find everything you need to cue parents this week through every major social media outlet from Twitter to Pinterest (so you can focus your brain power on posting the really important stuff—like that picture you just took of your cat in a bikini). And if you missed our first post explaining what all this is, take a second to get up to speed by clicking here!

If Pampers and Goldfish are more your speed, check out our First Look blog for the social media plan to connect parents with preschoolers:

Or if you are surrounded by boy bands and learners permits, try our social media plan for connecting parents and students at:

This week we are supplying you with 6 tweets, 3 Facebook posts with Facebook Timeline photos, 2 pictures for Instagram, and 2 articles to pin on Pinterest. Feel free to use these posts however you wish. Want to get a little crazy and swap Monday’s tweet with Wednesday’s? Go right ahead! Feel like posting a different picture to Instagram? We don’t mind! You can simply copy and paste the words below or add a little flare of your own to any and all posts. These posts should start going out on Monday November 4 and follow this social media plan. If you have any questions, suggestions for content or an exceptionally cute picture of your cat, please share in the comment section below this post. Until next week, Happy Tweeting!




Facebook: Possible Timeline Photos for November:



  • Monday:  Yesterday, we talked about a very valuable gift God wants us all to have!


  • Thursday:  Having wisdom is all about making choices—good choices. So this week, sit down with your family or a group of friends and practice making good choices by asking these questions. Some might be tough. Some might be easy. Some might be serious. Some might be silly. Which do you think is the wisest choice? Would you rather… only be able to whisper or only be able to shout? …be taller than this building/house or small enough to fit in my hand? …wind surf in shark infested waters or hang glide over a forest fire? …spend every minute of the rest of your life indoors or outdoors? …eat ice-cream flavored vomit or vomit flavored ice-cream? …be known as a great friend or great at sports? …be friends with the unpopular kid who treats you the way they want to be treated or with the most popular kid in school who treats you like you are invisible? …take out the trash when your mom isn’t expecting it or after she has asked 13 times and is really mad at you? …have a thousand dollars in your piggy bank or raise a million dollars for those in need?
  • Friday:  There’s a lot of wisdom headed your way this month. Check out what we have in store!



Here are possible Instagram Photos for you this week:

Yesterday, we talked about a very valuable gift God wants us all to have!




Being wise requires TWO important steps. Can you find them?




Pinterest: 2 articles to pin this week (also check out 252 Basic’s new Pinterest page)

God wants to give us wisdom but check out this moving post about another important gift to give your child.

Here’s a great piece of wisdom every parent should have.


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