Social Media Plan for Elementary Parents starting May 3

Racking your brain for a way to provoke meaningful conversations between parents and their elementary kids in less than 140 characters? Well, rack no more!

Below, you will find everything you need to cue parents this week through every major social media outlet from Twitter to Pinterest (so you can focus your brain power on posting the really important stuff—like that picture you just took of your cat standing in a puddle). And if you missed our first post explaining what all this is, take a second to get up to speed by clicking here!

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This week we are supplying you with a variety of posts that you can share with the parents in your ministry. Feel free to use these posts however you wish. Want to get a little crazy and swap Monday’s tweet with Wednesday’s? Go right ahead! Feel like posting a different picture to Instagram? We don’t mind! You can simply copy and paste the words below or add a little flare of your own to any and all posts. These posts should start going out on Sunday, May 3 and follow this social media plan.

If you have any questions, suggestions for content or an exceptionally cute picture of your cat, please share in the comment section below this post. Until next week, Happy Tweeting!


Possible Facebook Timeline Photos for May:




Sunday, May 3

Twitter/Facebook: We honestly hope you’ll join us for Studio 252 Live @ 10, 1, and 5.


Monday, May 4

Twitter: If you want your kids to be honest and open with you, don’t freak out when they tell you something you don’t like. #FreakOutOntheInside

Twitter: Yesterday, we learned that choosing honesty will help us live a better life.


Tuesday, May 5

Twitter/Facebook: Your kids are not as innocent as you might think:


Wednesday, May 6

Twitter: “Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.”

Twitter/Facebook: At dinner tonight, ask: What is an advantage to being honest about your mistakes?

Pinterest: Your kids are not as innocent as you might think:


Thursday, May 7

Facebook: What’s the first lie you caught your child telling? How did you react?

Instagram: Choosing honesty will help us live a better life.




Friday, May 8

Twitter: 5 Ways to get your kids to tell the truth:

Twitter: One study found that 96% of all kids lie. (I bet the other 4% were lying about it.) #JustAPhase

Twitter/Facebook: At bedtime, read Proverbs 10:9. Talk to God together and ask Him to help you be truthful before dishonest words or actions get you in trouble.


Saturday, May 9

Facebook: Living an honest life can positively impact us relationally and personally.


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