Social Media Plan for Elementary Parents starting February 28

When we want to connect with parents of the kids in our ministry, it makes sense to go where they already are. That’s why strategically using social media platforms to communicate with parents makes so much sense.

Simply copy and paste these prepared posts in your ministry’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts each day. Or, schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts using the application Hootsuite.

These posts are designed to review the lesson, so plan for them to appear in your ministry’s social media accounts after you’ve taught the lesson in your ministry.

Also, if you share social media accounts with other ministries in your organization, coordinate with them to develop a plan for when to schedule posts and how to designate the intended audience.

If Pampers and Goldfish are more your speed, check out our First Look blog for the social media plan to connect parents with preschoolers:

Or if you are surrounded by boy bands and learners permits, try our social media plan for connecting parents and students at:

Possible Facebook Timeline Photos for February:

16Feb_SMP_Facebook_Theme 16Feb_SMP_Facebook_LifeApp 16Feb_SMP_Facebook_VerseNIV 16Feb_SMP_Facebook_VerseNIRV

Sunday, February 28
Twitter/Facebook: Let’s talk about how the church can work together on Studio 252 Live today at 10 AM, 1 PM, or 5 PM eastern.

Monday, February 29
Twitter: “We spend too much time worried about a child’s performance and not nearly enough time paying attention to their hearts.” – Madeline Levine

Twitter: Yesterday we realized we work together because we want to show people the same kind of love shown to us by Jesus.

Tuesday, March 1
Twitter/Facebook: 5 Ways to Fight Entitlement in Your kids:

Wednesday, March 2
Twitter: Character strengths that matter to [kids’] success aren’t innate; they don’t appear magically, as a result of good luck or genes. Paul Tough

Facebook: At dinner tonight, ask: What is the most fun you’ve ever had while working well with others? Share your stories in the comments.

Thursday, March 3
Twitter: Hugging relieves stress, boosts feelings of closeness, and even squelches pain. Are you hugger? How often do you hug your kids?

Instagram: People who may not know how much Jesus loves them can look at you and see something…different.


Friday, March 4
Twitter/Facebook: At bedtime, read Acts 2:42-47. Together, pray for—and with—someone who is ready for a change, that God would step in to change their lives.

Saturday, March 5
Facebook: A little cooperation can go a long way to giving people around you a picture of who God is:

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