Social Media Plan for Elementary Parents Starting August 11

These posts are designed to review the lesson, so plan for them to appear in your ministry’s social media accounts after you’ve taught the lesson in your ministry.

Also, if you share social media accounts with other ministries in your organization, coordinate with them to develop a plan for when to schedule posts and how to designate the intended audience.

If Pampers and Goldfish are more your speed, check out our First Look blog for the social media plan to connect parents with preschoolers:

Or if you are surrounded by boy bands and learners permits, try our social media plan for connecting parents and students at:

Possible Kids Facebook Timeline Photos for August:

Possible PreTeen Facebook Timeline Photos for August:

Monday Kids: Yesterday, we learned that you can trust and obey, even when you think your way is better.
Monday Preteen: Yesterday, we asked: What is at stake if you don’t obey?

Wednesday: At dinner tonight, share who helped guide you when you were young, and who helps guide you now as an adult?

Thursday Kids: Even if you think your way is better, you should still trust & obey God’s way.
Thursday Preteen: What happens when you don’t obey?


Friday: At bedtime, read Genesis 3. Pray for each other, that you will have the strength to obey the people who God has put in charge in your lives.

Saturday: MC Haggis knows a thing or two about obedience! Take a look at & click 252 Shorts to watch.

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