Progress Not Perfection

If you have said yes to the next generation and your committing to dig your heels in and see real life change in the families you serve then you need to brace your self for disappointment.
We are all broken people and we’re trying to lead broken people. We’re not set up for success so why do we act so surprised when things go wrong? When something that was said hurts the core of who we are. When the person you invested so much energy and effort in walks away, when you hoped that 100 people would come to your event and only 40 came, when 10 volunteers hit decline on planning center at 7 am Sunday morning. We reach for the moon and maybe hit a star. How does that make you feel? Our actions are often determined by how we feel about something.
Ministry is full of disappointments but I think that might be because we strive for perfection and not progress. Perfection means your striving for a certain look or outcome. We dot those i’s and cross those T’s and obsess about every detail and without knowing it we can turn into a micromanaging monster . Progress means your steadily moving towards that desired outcome and you celebrate the small victories along the way that will ultimately add up to a Huge Win.
Let’s set some smart goals keep it under three.  Make sure that there is an element of fun and one goal that is life giving to you. God made you for a reason. Lean into that.
R- Relevant
T- Time bound
If we can be better at setting goals we can remain in the lane of our desired destination. Commit to continually readjusting expectations ,set those smart goals , and strive for progress not perfection. It’s a marathon not a sprint.
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