Merry Christmas from 252

December is only one month away; however, we wanted to be one of the first to say . . .

Merry Christmas!

The 252 team wants to make sure your heart will be glowing with Joy this Christmas season, so we’re offering you some free goodies this month that we hope will make your ministry merrier this season and help you check some things off your to-do-list. Here’s what we’ve got for you . .

1.Large Group Videos
To help you provide quality programming, even with the extra Christmas services and limited volunteers, we’re gifting you with some video goodies.

From Feature Presentation:

  • Intro & Outro videos from Week Four
  • 252 Story from Week Four
  • 252 Movie from Week Four

From Get Reel:

  • M.C. Haggis Videos (one featuring the monthly widget & one without)

2.The Christmas Story Video
Rediscover the Christmas story from Luke 1 and 2 with this fresh telling through the eyes of children. Kids and parents alike will connect with the beauty and mystery of the first Christmas in this video that can fit easily into your large group programming.

3.Printable Advent Calendar
This Christmas, we want to help families slow down the pace, even just a little, and see the potential for big joy in small moments. That’s why our friends at GoWeekly created this year’s Advent Calendar*. The design is simple, it’s easy to print and hand out or email to the families in your church and community.

* The Advent Calendar will be available next Monday, November 7.

4.Printable Gift Tags for Volunteers
Christmas is a great time to thank your volunteers for the impact they make in a kids life. However you decide to appreciate your volunteers, it’s always a good idea to add a little vision. Use these festive gift tags to do just that. Simply print them on cardstock, fill some cellophane bags, and staple it to your gifts.

5.Happy Birthday Jesus Party Bag
To help families celebrate the birth of God’s Son, send a Birthday Party Bag for Jesus home with your parents to encourage them to have a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” party at home. You can choose to send home just a card, or you can choose to send home a card attached to a fun bag of birthday party supplies, like cake mix, frosting, and sprinkles.

Are you feeling spoiled yet? We hope so. Now, please don’t feel like you have to use all (or any) of these goodies. Just simply choose the ones that work best for your church as you partner with families this Christmas season.

To access all this good stuff, simply log into your curriculum download page and click on the “We Put A Bow On It” tab recently added to the December curriculum.

Thank you for working so hard to make every week of the year an amazing experience for kids, their families, and your volunteers. We hope these goodies will help make this season a little more JOY-filled for you.


Merry Christmas!

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