Happy Halloween!

Yes, I said HAPPY Halloween! Why is it so wrong for the Church to see Halloween as a good thing and not something horrible? I don’t understand it. Tell me what other day of the year that you have all the kids in your neighborhood or community stop by your house or gather around your town square. Tell me another day of the year, besides Christmas, that has better potential to exhibit the concept of “It’s better to give than to receive.” Halloween is not a horrible thing. Will bad things happen on Halloween because of stupid people? You better believe it, but it did yesterday too and you didn’t get any candy.  I think Halloween wins on the candy front too.  If you’re giving out apples and pretzels then shame on you. Even the best diets in the world say that you can have a cheat day.  Come on!

Please don’t look at Halloween as a boycott event. See it as an opportunity to dress your little girl up as an angel and tell her that someday she will be one. See it as an opportunity for your little boy to be a kid and not have to worry about being made fun of for dressing up. See it as an opportunity to build community with your neighbors, your town, your community who don’t have a clue that Jesus loves them. See this is an opportunity to be the talk of the town by giving out the best candy. See this as an opportunity…

My gang of scallywags hornswaggled the landlubbers at last year’s Trunk or Treat.

I will celebrate Halloween again this year. I will give candy to all the kids and see their smiling faces. I will be as accessible as I can. I am not going to hide. I won’t pass out any tracks about Hell or information pieces about how bad Halloween is. I will talk about Jesus if I have the chance but if I don’t talk about Him, I think that’s OK. I am not going to worship Satan, but this Halloween will remind me that I am like every other person who has lived and died. I too need grace and mercy in a world that is a little bit scary. You see, Halloween is just like all other cultural events that aren’t inherently Christian. You can leverage it to build relationships for the future or you can boycott it and lose the opportunity.

Leverage the opportunity…

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