Happy Birthday Jesus Cake Party Bag 2017

One of the gifts that can be found on the December download matrix is the instructions on how to send home a Happy Birthday Jesus Cake Party Bag.

They’re very simple to make. You copy the parent note provided and grab cake mix, icing, and wrap it up.

We’ve actually given you two different printed pieces. One to insert into the bag of party supplies and one to send home encouraging parents to make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake at home. Use the second one if you don’t have the budget to send home the full party bag.

Either way you send it home, you will be partnering with parents to keep Jesus at the center of the season. Because, it is His birthday we’re celebrating.

And, who knows? You might be starting a family tradition that will last for generations.

Cake anyone?

If you would like to send home the Happy Birthday Jesus Cake Party Bag, visit the December down load page.


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