Easter 2018: Postcard Printable

Easter is coming.
And, it’s coming fast.
I feel like we just celebrated Christmas, and here’s Easter!!
I’m sure you’ve already made lists to make sure there are enough people and supplies for Easter Sunday.

But, have you thought about the Monday after? 

Well, most of you will be off that Monday (I hope).
So, let’s talk about the Tuesday after Easter.
What are you going to do on that Tuesday?

We hope that somewhere on Tuesday’s list is “Follow Up With Visitors.” 

We all know that you’re going to have visitors on Easter Sunday. It’s a given. So, there needs to be a strategy for following up with them that next week. That Tuesday. You can’t wait very long! They need to know immediately that you’re glad they were there, that you’re thinking about them, that you’re praying for them.

To help you with your follow up, we’re once again providing a printable postcard. Just print it two-sided on cardstock and cut it into quarters. Add a short note with your church’s name, address and worship times, and you’re ready to go. You could even do the note part BEFORE Easter so all you have to do on that Tuesday is address them.

Go ahead. Download it right now.

252 postcard- easter18

Praying for your Easter Sunday.

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