Don’t Be a Martian

In the movie The Martian, based on the book by Andy Weir, Mark Watney is an astronaut who is accidentally left on Mars alone. His crew believes he’s been killed in an accident and leaves him behind when they travel back to earth. So when he wakes from the accident, he finds himself completely alone on a strange planet. He’s a pretty smart guy so he figures out how to survive on his own. But none of his smarts can help him curb the loneliness he feels in his isolation.


Although some of you might occasionally feel like creatures from another planet surround you, most of us are not actually astronauts. But we can sometimes relate to Mark Watney’s isolation. According to a 2011 survey conducted by LifeWay, over half of ministers feel lonely at times. More recently, researchers estimated that 1 in 5 Americans is lonely, calling this the “age of loneliness.”


To help all of us build community, we’ve created the 252 Basics Partners group on Facebook. You’ll find a whole network of people who want to help kids have a better future, partner with parents, and build strong relationships with volunteers. Together, we share ideas, troubleshoot concerns, and celebrate victories.


You’ll also find the 252 Basics Orange Specialists and editorial staff in this group, ready to answer questions and offer help.


Here is a sampling of the conversations happening in this group:

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If you use 252 Basics regularly, join the conversation by clicking “Ask to Join Group” on the Facebook page. Together, we can help each other avoid feeling like we’re living all alone on a distant planet.

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