Design A CUE is Here!

As a children’s leader, I always tried to provide take home resources for the kids in my ministry.  A bible verse pen.  A heart sticker.  Maybe even a cool removable “God Loves You” tattoo!  The kids loved having these little treasures and I loved providing them!  It was a win-win.  Well.  Not exactly.   My take homes were cute and all, but they didn’t really serve a purpose.  Not the purpose that I wanted them to serve.  They didn’t specifically tie in with what the children were hearing about that month in the ministry.  Of course, all of this ministry “swag” had a good message, it just wasn’t intentionally aligned with what the children were learning at the time and it didn’t really engage the family as a whole.  From a budgetary and visioning standpoint, I wanted more.

Yes, I wanted more.  I wanted to dig a little deeper.  I wanted to be laser focused.  Oh, to have a take home resource that the kids would love, that would engage the family and that would tie in specifically with what the children were focused on that month in the ministry!  Alas, I just didn’t see how it would be possible for me, to have the time, money and creative resources to design the take homes that I was envisioning…I wished someone who did have all of those resources would provide something like this for our church families.  And if these take homes were easy on my ministry budget?  Huge bonus.

Guess What?

That time has come! Enter Design A Cue XP (DACXP)!  DACXP is a customizable program that gives you multiple options of take-home resources to provide to the families in your church and community. These pieces reinforce what the kids are learning with 252 Basics and can be incorporated into the rhythm of a normal day at home. The DACXP options of take homes include:  BedTime Story Posters, BedTime Bible Story Collector Cards, HangTime DVDs, Mystery Widgets and DriveTime Downloadable Monthly Song Cards!  Did I mention that these items are bulk priced for even the smallest ministry budgets?  There’s that bonus!

Best of all, DACXP provides you the ultimate in flexibility.  You can order all of the pieces, some of them, or just one of them (in multiples of 5).  You can order different items for different age groups.  You can hand the pieces out at different ministry times (for example, the first Sunday of the month, on Wednesday nights, at an F/X event).   It’s all up to you—whatever works best for your ministry!

Now, that’s a win-win!

For more information on DACXP, check out our DACXP Leader Primer here.

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