December Editor’s Notes

Compassion is a reflection of the character of God.

Key Question: Why do we need to be rescued? As preteens start to think more deeply about their faith, we start with a big question: Why did God need to send Jesus in the first place? Our lives are wasted without Jesus. We pray that through this lesson, preteens start forming an authentic faith where they realize that Jesus came to transform their entire life.

We kick off the month with the greatest verse in all of Scripture, John 3:16. God loves the world so much that He wants to spend forever with us. That was made possible through Jesus!

Bottom Line: God did something about our greatest need. Jesus was God’s gift to the world. We pray that kids start to understand their need for a Savior and put their trust in Jesus.

Key Question: What are you willing to do to meet others’ needs? Mary sacrificed a lot to carry Jesus and raise Him. God may ask us to do something big to point others to Him. We hope that preteens start thinking about the ways God can use them to show compassion and meet the needs of others.

Next, we look at Luke 1:26-56, when Gabriel came and made a huge announcement to Mary. God was about to rescue the world through Jesus, and she had an important role to play. Mary was overwhelmed by God’s love for the world and the part she got to play by fulfilling God’s plan to send a Savior.

Bottom Line: God can use anyone to meet others’ needs. For whatever reason, kids may feel like God can’t use them to show others His love. We hope they see through the story of Mary, that God can use anyone to show His compassion to the world.

Key Question: What are some ways you can give? When we experience God’s life-changing compassion, we can’t help but want to share that compassion with others. We hope our preteens leave with an idea of how they can give and show compassion to others.

In week three we head to Luke 2:1-7 to the familiar moment when Jesus is born. Even though Jesus was born where the animals stayed, God took care of all the details. The Savior of the World was born, and God’s compassion for us was on full display.

Bottom Line: God gave us the greatest gift. God had been planning a rescue since the very beginning. Jesus was God’s greatest gift to make it possible for all people to be with God forever.

Key Question: Who needs to hear the good news? This week we help preteens get specific with the people in their life that might need to hear more about Jesus. Preteens are becoming more aware of their friends and what they believe. We hope to encourage preteens to invest in these friends and point them to Jesus.

As we head into Christmas week, we head to Luke 2:8-20 and find shepherds minding their own business and watching sheep in a field. Of course, we know what happened. Angels surprised them and announced that the Savior of the world was born. The shepherds were so excited they ran to meet Jesus and spent the rest of the night spreading the good news that Jesus was born.

Bottom Line: Share the good news about Jesus. This week we want kids to start thinking about how they can share the good news about Jesus. From the words they say to the life they live, they can point people to Jesus and show God’s love to others.

Key Question: How will you love others? Showing God’s love to others is an important part of following Jesus. We want to help preteens figure out a plan for how they can show compassion to others and help them realize how much God loves them.

We finish our month on compassion in 1 John 4:9-12, where we read about God’s great love for us when He sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins. John reminds us that no one has ever seen God, but when we show love to others, people see God through us.

Bottom Line: Love others because God loved you first. This week, we want to help kids connect their compassion to the source of compassion. We show love to others, not just because it’s a good thing to do, but also because it’s what God did for us and what God calls us to do for others.


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