Christmas 2018 :: Curriculum Extras

Did you see your Christmas Extras?

When you download your December materials, you will see a file labeled “Christmas Extras.” In the Premium and Basic Tiers, you’ll find it under the Groups folder. In the Starter Tier, it’s in the Week One folder.

Be sure to open that folder soon so you can see all the gifts inside! You’ll find all sorts of goodies there to help you make this Christmas season an extra special one for you and your families.

Choose any of these options to supplement our already awesome curriculum.

  1. Thank You Tags for Volunteers: Your volunteers are pretty special. Make sure they know it! Use this gift tag to help you say thank you this Christmas. Be sure to check out an additional blog post (coming soon) with additional ideas.
  2. Happy Birthday Jesus Cake Party Bag: Send a Birthday Party for Jesus home in a bag for your families to use to celebrate the birth of God’s Son. This has become a tradition in many of our churches and we love it. For more information, check out our blog post (coming soon).
  3. Advent Calendar: This gift from our friends at Weekly. It’s available in our files in two different formats. Print one and distribute it to your families at the beginning of December. If you are a Weekly subscriber, you can receive additional files through that subscription.
  4. The Christmas Story Video: This fan-favorite video is available for download. You can use this video in your environments to add some extra sentimentality to the Christmas season. No one will walk away without and audible “aww…”
  5. The 252 Story Videos for Christmas Week: This package of videos will help you step into the holiday season with ease. If you need to create additional service on Christmas Eve or your go-to host or storyteller can’t make it we’ve got you covered all you’ve got to do is press play.
  6. The 252 Movie Video for Christmas Week: The So and So team has fun prepping for Christmas. Hopefully you do to as we’ve provided an additional video for those preteens in your world.

Are you feeling spoiled yet? We hope so. We also hope that these supplemental products will help you win as a leader this Christmas season. You don’t have to use all (or any) of them, but we wanted to make all of these materials available so that you could determine the best way to partner with your families this Christmas.

As you prepare for December, consider carefully the pieces that you send home with your elementary and preteen kids. Elementary-age families have very full Decembers, and our goal is to equip them to retell the Christmas story at home and not overwhelm them by adding too much to their already full schedules. Choose to send home what you know the families in your church will enjoy doing this Christmas season. We want to know how you’re celebrating Christmas this year.

We can’t wait to hear how you celebrate Jesus’ birthday this year.

Merry Christmas!

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