Announcing: Updates to 252 Basics in August

Although most of us in the States are enjoying the middle of summer, it’s not too early to get excited for the new curriculum year. August’s curriculum is LIVE on the 252 Basics website—many of you have already checked it out—and there are some awesome updates for this year that we just simply do not want you to miss!


  • Brand New Training Resources Our short and engaging orientation videos will help you navigate the 252 Basics website with ease. Plus our 252 Basics content explanation videos and newly designed documents will make implementing 252 Basics a breeze. We’re resourcing you with everything you need to communicate what 252 Basics is all about to your volunteer team.

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  • Updated Curriculum Documents  We’ve updated our documents with a new look and feel. Your volunteers will love the simple, clear design and can find what they need each week quickly and easily, so they can focus on what’s really important…building relationships with the kids in their group. And parents will enjoy even more “times” available on their Parent Cue.


  • 7 Segments We’re organizing the content of 252 Groups around 7 Segments that fit and flow together seamlessly. These segments are designed with several filters in mind ranging from child development through the phases to differing learning styles, to insure that every child in your environment is engaged in what is going on in your ministry. To find out more about the 7 segments, watch this:


  • Provided Sound Effects Need a dog barking, a doorbell ringing, a car horn beeping or a crash, thud, boom or clap? We’ve got you covered. If our Large Group Host, Bible Story convention or FX script requires sound effects, they are now provided on the 252 Basics download site. No more Google searching or using your Grandma’s tape recorder.

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  • Downloadable videos? Yes, please. Now our supplemental video products, Feature Presentation and Get Reel, are available via download from the curriculum site. You can even auto-subscribe to them each month. Plus you can download the monthly vector art files and additional Amber Sky Records music resources directly from the 252 Basics site. It’s like Christmas morning.

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  • Be Social Our weekly social media plan is now downloadable from the 252 Basics curriculum site. It’s now easier than ever to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about what’s going on in your ministry each week.


We know you are going to love all of the updates! As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact your Orange Specialist. She’d love to hear from you!

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