Advice From Orange Specialist

Tis the season to be BUSY… fa la la la wait that’s not right. Tis the season to be Jolly! Right? Or is it? Sometimes as ministry leaders we can get so bogged down by the details of the season that we start having blinders on to all of the opportunities that are actually around us. If you can put your Orange Glasses on with me for a second and take a look at your current situation you just might notice some possibilities that you didn’t see before.

Something magical happens at this time of year and I don’t want you to miss it. Families come together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior and there are so many amazing opportunities for you to cast that ORANGE VISION!  Share it Up (Senior & Executive Pastors), Share it out (Volunteers & Parents) and Share it down (all of those amazing kiddos God has entrusted to your care.)

As an Orange Coach one of the first things I do when I gather with your team is talk through the Orange Essentials. Don’t know what they are? Read this and then circle back.

If you want to talk about these and work through what they can look like in your churches context, schedule an appointment with your OS!

Now that you have an understanding of the Orange Essentials it is time to run your holiday plans through this lens.  Example:  Having a Family Service for Christmas Eve.

Ask yourself …How can you use this to integrate your strategy?

IDEAS: Highlight the Life App and give away the widget.  Use the compact FX. Give away your churches Winter/Spring Calendar. Highlight what’s coming up for families. Better yet, share in the welcoming your desire to partner with parents and have a combined influence to invest in their kids.

Ask yourself …How can we refine the message and make it make the service super memorable? IDEAS: Add Snow. Hot Cocoa Bar. Special music with all the age groups singing worship. Prayer wall interactive. Phase ideas through the phases.  Make it FUN and come to life the adults will love it to.

 Ask yourself….How can we Reactivate the Family?  IDEAS: Have parents pray in the service for their families? Create a take home for parents to be able to talk about Christmas at home! AKA- Parent Cues, Highlight the Parent Cue App or Did you see the ADVENT CALENDAR we gave you? At my church, we bought the chocolate calendars for birth-college and added the paper with the details and will follow up on Social Media!

 Ask yourself …How can we Elevate Community? IDEAS: Intentionally use the SGL in the service? Maybe they can have special treats for their kids that they can go and get before they sit down for the service. Highlighting who they are and what their role is! Maybe have blank cards available at the end of the service for parents to take home to write a letter to the SGL? Or flip it give your leaders Cards and have them personally invite families to the special service. Figure out how to share what a SGL is and why they are so important.

Last but not least… Ask Yourself….How do we leverage our influence? IDEAS: Have kids and students help to lead the service. Let them pass out worship folders, lead a song in service, have them help decorate and clean up. There are always ways that we can be inclusive with the next generation to make the church feel like their church.

Sometimes thinking Orange is not always starting a new initiative but it is looking at the events and happenings in your church and painting them Orange.  Note. Not every essential can happen at every event and that’s ok. A win is a win and ministry is a marathon not a sprint. Choose one or two and do them really well. Soon they will become second nature and soon your other teammates will start to get it and be more open to combining efforts and thinking orange in your church. Tis the season to be WINNING! #WINS #ThinkOrange

Merry, merry vision casting!

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