Big News: Upgraded Social Media Plan

A couple years ago, a few of us met Reggie for coffee and scrambled eggs, and he told us about an idea he’d had late the night before. He thought it might really help church leaders if we put together some social media posts every week and posted them on our blog. Like most great ideas, it sounded really simple, got more complex after a few meetings, and finally came out to be something special: the social media plan we released in Sept 2012.


When we released it, we really said, out loud, “We’ll do this for about 6 months and see if anyone likes it.” And you guys liked it. You really liked it! Over the years, the little trial has grown to become the most popular posts across First Look, 252 Basics and XP3 blogs. You guys have shared stories of how people are connecting through your social networks and it’s been amazing!


Now, we’re excited to announce that your social media plan is getting an upgrade. You’ll hear all the details at Orange Conference (or we’ll fill you in on this blog in May) but here’s the inside scoop: you’re social media plan is now part of a bigger strategy called Parent CUE Weekly. Parent CUE Weekly is an online subscription that helps you lead parents to do family better. It takes an annual plan and breaks it down into a weekly checklist. You are gonna love it.


The social media plan we continue to post on this blog might seem a little different. We needed to make a couple tweaks to help it better fit the overall strategy. And, since you’ve already been using the social media plan, you’ll be a step ahead of the folks just joining us through Parent CUE Weekly.


Keep posting on! And sharing your stories with us. We’re so happy to be journeying with you.


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