XP3 Students Series: Not That Into You

In the world of student ministry, summers can be filled with many spiritual highs for some teens between the mission trips, camps and retreats. Their desire for God and to serve Him is as hot as the soaring temperatures. They can’t wait to get back to school to share their love for Him and what He’s done.

But just like the summer temperatures, that heat eventually cools. The relationship sometimes goes distant. And that same student may be wondering, “What happened? Why am I not as into God as I was?”

The featured series for July, Not That Into You, deals with highs and lows of our relationship with God—from how we handle when we go from being totally in love with our Creator to feeling not that into the relationship anymore.

Here’s a brief description of this three-week series:

Every one of us has experienced it at some point. At one time, we were really into a relationship, whether that’s a friendship or a dating relationship, and now, well, not so much. We’re just not that into it anymore. So, we walk away or we let the relationship die. But what happens when that relationship you’re not that into anymore is the one you have with God? You were really into Him at one point. You were feeling connected, directed, close. Now, it feels like nothing. How do you deal with it?

The Not That Into You series comes with three devotionals that you can send out after each week’s session or post on your group’s website or blog. Also, the XP for this series gives students an opportunity to hear from other believers about their journeys with God, along with all the ups and downs.

Orange Conference 2018