RYM 026: What You Need To Know About Generation Z

This generation of middle school and high school students, known as Generation Z, is unlike any other. But what sets them apart from the generations that preceded them? And how can the Church best serve and influence them? This week, join Tom Shefchunas, Crystal Chiang, Ashley Bohinc, and Sarah Anderson for a conversation on what Generation Z is all about, how they’re different from the generations before them, and what that means for us as youth workers.

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Four Things to Do When You Transition to Using Orange

By Luke Mihail, Youth and Young Adults Pastor at Kilsyth South Baptist Church in Melbourne, Australia Have you ever started in a new ministry role only to find yourself thinking: “How am I ever going to change this?” Maybe it was something as minor as changing the blend of coffee used in the kitchen. (Amen!) Or maybe it was something as imperative as a total culture or vision shift for the ministry. No matter what it was, you know as well as I do that change is always hard in ministry, but... read more

RYM 025: School Shootings, Walkouts, And Helping Your Students Respond To Parkland

The recent school shooting in Parkland has had a lingering impact on this generation of students. In response to the event, many students are organizing school walkouts and protests to make their voices heard. And all of this puts youth workers in a unique spot. Do we encourage the walkouts? Do we remind students to respect authority? Do we avoid the issue altogether? This week, join ministry leaders as they discuss the best ways to lead students through this challenging season.

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RYM 024: Why Graduation Is Not The Finish Line (With Kara Powell)

In most areas of ministry, there’s a finish line. There’s a finish line for that weekend retreat. There’s a finish line for that message you’re writing. And if we’re not careful, we tend to apply that same mindset to the students in our ministries as they graduate. But should graduation really be the end of our influence in a teenager’s life? This week, join Kara Powell joins ministry leaders for a conversation about equipping and walking with students long after their high school graduation.

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Love Inspires Us to Act: Unique Ideas to Mobilize Your Students to Serve

By: Katie Edwards, Junior High Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA One of my favorite parts about student ministry is getting my students involved in giving back to the community around them. But if I’m being honest, it’s also one of the most challenging. Getting students excited about doing things for other people isn’t always easy. And coming up with new and unique ways for our students to serve, love, and share our resources can be even harder. To help take just a little bit of... read more

RYM 023: How To Make The Most Of Your Student Mission Trips

Planning and leading a mission trip for students in your youth group is no small task. From picking a destination to booking airline tickets to training the team, it can get overwhelming in a hurry. This week, join Elloa Davis, Charlie Conder, Ashley Bohinc, and CJ Palmer for a conversation about how you can make the most of your student mission trips—from the moment you begin the preparation process through your return home—while easing the burden on you and your ministry.

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Six Hacks For Building A Cool Youth Ministry Environment

There’s nothing quite like a cool space. Be it a nice house, a trendy restaurant, a unique concert venue, or even a corporate office, great spaces make great impressions as soon as you walk in. That’s what we want to happen in our student spaces, right? We want students to walk into our student environments and go, “Wow!” Not only that, we want them to walk in and sigh with relief because the place they’ve walked into feels safe and comfortable. Imagine the coolest home you can. That’s the... read more

RYM 022: What’s Wrong With The Rockstar Student Pastor Mentality

If you’re a ministry leader or a youth pastor, there are a lot of responsibilities and expectations on your shoulders from week to week. And in the midst of it all, it can be easy to think you have to be the “rockstar” of your ministry to get it all done. This week, join youth leaders for a conversation about what’s wrong with the “rockstar student pastor” mentality and how shifting that mindset can be beneficial for your ministry now and in the future. How to listen: iTunes |... read more

What to Say When the Unthinkable Happens

As I prepared for youth group last week after the news of the tragedy in Parkland, FL, I had more than a message on my mind. I was wondering how our families were doing emotionally. I was wondering if we needed to have additional security meetings. I was wondering about what to say, not only to our students but to my own children as well. Today, when the fire alarm sounded at one of our local high schools, the students sat quietly in their chairs. To them, the alarm doesn’t mean a fire drill... read more

What to Think When the Unthinkable Happens

I’m writing this on Wednesday—seven days since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The loss of life has been unthinkable. I predict every Wednesday for a long time will be tender and delicate, needing extra attention. I’m currently a volunteer youth pastor in Florida. I’m a parent, and I write books and blogs for parents. None of this experience registers when I try to fathom the shock, loss, and grief that have made their home in Parkland this week. I have fewer thoughts,... read more



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