How To Not Lose Your Influence

Many leaders are quietly giving away their influence. Are you? You’ve heard it said that influence is the currency of leadership.  And it’s true.  The more influence you have the better able you are to lead people.  A friend of mine always says, “Never give away influence unnecessarily.”  In other words, think through everything you do, because once influence is diminished, it’s tough to get it back.  But many leaders are, in fact, quietly losing influence.  I say quietly because they aren’t... read more

RYM 034: Setting Up Worship In Your Youth Ministry To Win

Great worship experiences in youth ministry rarely just happen. With so many distractions and opportunities for disengagement, setting up your students to worship in an engaging and meaningful way can be a real challenge. On this episode, join ministry leaders and worship leaders as they discuss leading middle schoolers and high schoolers in developmentally appropriate ways, creating a culture of worship for your students, and what it takes to set up worship in your youth ministry to win.

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3 Hacks to Partying on a Budget

By Jackie Raihl, Orange Specialist, TSA I’m sure we’ve all had those days when we were looking through our (admittedly awesome) XP3 materials, reading up on everything we may need for our lesson, when we see “it” on the list. The dreaded “it” that brings up images of dollar signs, long clean-up times, and awkward dance moves. Party supplies. When we see these words, we can often think that we just don’t have anything that will make our space a “celebration” zone.  We might even have the... read more

RYM 033: Why You Should Kill Something That’s Working

We all have programs and events that our students and volunteers love and might be working well. But what happens when that program doesn’t exactly align with the vision of your ministry? Or when you can’t name the reason behind having the event in the first place? On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about why you should kill something that’s working and how you can replace it with something that better aligns with the purpose and vision of your youth ministry.

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3 Ways to Keep Ideas Fresh

We’ve all been there. We sit down at our desk in our office and think, “Okay, brain. We’ve got to come up with a creative way to say this, show this, or communicate this truth or this idea. Let’s make this happen.“ Then. Nothing. It’s a maddening feeling.  Because the last thing we want to do is communicate the same amazing truths, but in the same tired, old way.  But the creative and fresh ideas don’t come.  And we end up pulling out some idea we did last year and making it work again. Fresh... read more

RYM 032: The Benefits Of Partnering With Local Schools

Partnering with local schools as a youth leader or ministry leader sounds impossible. After all, public schools and religion don’t mix, right? While partnering with local schools can be challenging, it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, it can actually be done really well when we approach it the right way. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about what it looks like to effectively partner with and serve our local schools—and the effect it might have on our ministries.

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The Space Between: My Youth Ministry Soapbox

Within minutes, a simple yet loaded question sparked a conversation in a youth ministry group that I’m a part of—a group of people I love and appreciate. It was hypothetical in nature, but also pretty specific in application. There were some differing ideas. There were differing feelings, too. But differences don’t worry me so much. I’m so glad we are not all the same. What catapults me to soapbox status about this is the sin I see. It’s not in you, but in we. It’s in all of us. When we spend... read more

2018-2019 Scope & Cycle Resources for XP3 Partners

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “Scope & Cycle” or our reasoning behind having one, let me encourage you to head over to the XP3 101 post about it. Or, for even even more in-depth look at what our Scope & Cycle is all about, check out this post. The purpose of this blog isn’t just to rehash all of that golden information, but rather to inform you of some awesome information and documents about our updated Scope & Cycle resources. What’s New Our previous Scope & Cycle... read more

Scope & Cycle: How The XP3 Student Curriculum Roadmap Was Formed

If you’re an XP3 Student curriculum user, then you’ve probably heard the words “scope” and “cycle” thrown around a lot. They’re basically the words we use to describe the roadmap we have for our curriculum. Our SCOPE is the comprehensive plan that prioritizes what you teach and when. It basically tells you what we’re teaching now with our curriculum and what we’re planning to teach in the future. It’s the big picture curriculum plan for XP3. Our CYCLE is the plan to recycle or revisit what you... read more

RYM 031: How To Keep Your Youth Ministry From Being Shallow

If you’ve been in youth ministry long, you’ve probably heard parents, volunteers, or even other youth workers tell you their students want to “go deeper” in their faith. But how do you set your ministry up for depth? How do you keep your ministry from being shallow? This week, join ministry leaders as they talk about the characteristics of a deep youth ministry, wrestle through some common tensions youth workers face, and discuss practical ways you can take your youth ministry deeper.

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