Freeze Frame: A Free Game with Slides from XP3

You know what you’ve never heard a student pastor say? “I don’t need any more game ideas!” That’s why every week of XP3 curriculum comes with a unique game for your weekly student environments. And every now and then, we like to give one of those games away.

This week we’re sharing a new XP3 game from our Summer 2017 XP3HS series If / Then. The game is called Freeze Frame. This is a very simple game that works for student ministries of all sizes. And there are no supplies required for this game! Just a few simple slides, which we’ve made available for you to download below.


This game is similar to charades, but instead of one student acting something out, the entire audience will freeze in various poses to give the guesser clues.


Call two students up on stage to be guessers. In this charades-like game, the two students on stage will compete to guess what the audience is “acting” out. But here’s the catch: The audience can’t actually act anything out. They must strike a pose and then freeze (holding as still as possible and not making any sounds) until one of the students guesses correctly. To start the game, have your guessers turn their backs to the audience and screen. Then cue up the first slide for the audience—this is what the audience is acting out. (You can use the slides we provided or come up with your own.) Remove the word from the screen and give the students in the audience about five seconds to strike a pose. Have your two competing students turn around at the same time and begin guessing. The student that guesses correctly first wins the round. The best of five rounds is the winner.


Just right click on each link below and select “Save Link As” to save a high quality version of each slide to your computer. There’s a title slide, five game slides, and a blank slide to use in between game slides.

Our cues include: football game, ballet, birthday party, Disney World, and nativity scene.

This is a really fun game and can get pretty hilarious as students come up with some crazy poses for the guessers on stage. Plus, this game engages everyone in the room. And no matter how quiet or outgoing the students in your ministry are, everyone can “strike a pose” one way or another.

The next time you’re in a pinch looking for a fun game to engage everyone in the room, try out Freeze Frame! And if you’re new to Orange and are interested in trying XP3 for FREE, visit Every week of every series comes with a fresh new game for your student ministry.

Orange Conference 2018