RYM 031: How To Keep Your Youth Ministry From Being Shallow

If you’ve been in youth ministry long, you’ve probably heard parents, volunteers, or even other youth workers tell you their students want to “go deeper” in their faith. But how do you set your ministry up for depth? How do you keep your ministry from being shallow? This week, join ministry leaders as they talk about the characteristics of a deep youth ministry, wrestle through some common tensions youth workers face, and discuss practical ways you can take your youth ministry deeper.

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A New Future For Youth Specialties: Orange & Download Youth Ministry Partner to Assume Leadership of Ministry

April 19, 2018- The leaders of Orange and Download Youth Ministry (DYM) are excited to announce their partnership in acquiring Youth Specialties from Real Resources. As a nationally recognized leader in the world of youth ministry, Youth Specialties has had a rich history of 50 years of training leaders, publishing resources, hosting events, and creating platforms designed to equip leaders serving in youth ministry. With fresh leadership and direction from both Orange and DYM, Youth... read more

The Brand New Youth Pastor Checklist

So you’re new to youth ministry? Welcome to the team! I’m excited for you, and I believe in you! I can’t wait to see how God is going to use you to change students’ lives and lead them to Jesus. But can I just be honest with you for second? I’m also a little worried for you, too. I’m worried because I remember. I remember what those first few months of youth ministry were like for me. I’m sure anyone who’s been doing youth ministry for a while now can say the same thing. We can all look back... read more

RYM 030: Evaluating Small Group Leaders

Small Group Leaders are vital to your youth ministry. If we’re honest though, keeping up with SGLs beyond the kickoff of the year can be a real challenge. But should we really leave such an important part of our ministry unchecked? This week, join ministry leaders and Afton Phillips, Director of Small Group Strategies at Orange, for a conversation about the importance of evaluating Small Group Leaders and what it looks like to set your SGLs up for success in your student ministry’s context.

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How to Use the XP3 Students Worship Leader Guide

If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you fit into one of these categories: You’re a youth leader, but… You have no idea where to start when it comes to leading a musician on your team. You know how to lead your worship team, but, in the craziness of your schedule, you need an easier way to do it. You’ve been leading worship yourself, but you know you need to start training someone new. You’ve just been watching the worship programming for a while, and you’re realizing the worship leader... read more

RYM 029: Structuring Your Ministry For Growth

Creating structure that supports the strategy of your youth ministry is key to overall ministry health and growth. But what should that structure look like? And how do you know if you have the wrong structure in place? On this episode, join Kurt Johnston, Pastor to Students at Saddleback Church, for a conversation with ministry leaders about the importance of structure and what you can do to create and implement structure that aligns with the overall strategy of your ministry.

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Worship Leaders: One Thing To Stop Doing

I’ve noticed something about supervillains recently. They’ve got massive resources. Their genius is boundless. They always have a carefully crafted plan and focused vision. But still, they’re always brought down in the end by the same thing: the monologue. You know what I mean, right? They’ve finally got the hero right where they want them, but before they can finish the job, they always pause to give some long speech, inevitably creating just enough time for the hero to come up with a plan to... read more

RYM 028: Should Middle School And High School Be Separate Or Combined?

When it comes to separating or combining middle school and high school ministry environments, there are many factors to consider: ministry size, volunteers, space, budgets, and more. With variables like these, how do we create engaging and developmentally appropriate environments for middle AND high schoolers? This week, join ministry leaders as they discuss the benefits and drawbacks of separate and combined ministries, as well as possible solutions you can begin implementing in your ministry.

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8 Creative Ways to Use the XP3 Teaching Videos

When it comes to communicating to students, we think your best option (if possible) is to have a live communicator deliver the large group message to students. Even better? Having a live communicator that your students both know and trust! Students are always more likely to engage with someone they know over someone they don’t. But we all know that having a live communicator isn’t always possible for your student ministry. And when that happens, one of the best things you can do is use the... read more

RYM 027: Setting Yourself Up For Long-Term Ministry

Whether you’re brand new to youth ministry or been in the trenches for years, establishing a plan for longevity is important—for you and the youth ministry you lead. But what does that plan for longevity look like? This week, ministry leaders are joined by Kurt Johnston, Pastor to Students at Saddleback Church, for a conversation on how youth workers can best set themselves up for effective long-term ministry.

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