Tammy Helfrich

Tammy Helfrich

Tammy Helfrich recently left an established career in the corporate world to follow her passion and invest in people. She loves to encourage, empower and connect people so they can live into who they were created to be. She is the Connections and Growth Director at The Orchard Community and is passionate about people and their stories. She hosts a podcast titled Right Where You Are, which encourages people to make a difference in the world right where they are now. You can connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and her website: www.TammyHelfrich.com.

Orange Leaders

Creating An Authentically Healthy Volunteer Culture

You work really hard to create a healthy culture in your organization. You want your staff to be working toward the mission, and you want everything in your environment to be done really well. But do you take time to focus on the culture of your volunteers?

Chances are, you need volunteers in your organization in order to make things run smoothly. In many ministries, volunteers are the backbone of how you get anything done. You would be lost without…

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