Kathy White

Kathy White

Kathy is wife to Lee, mom to Andrew, Joel & Benjamin, mother-in-law to Mary Kate and Kitty to identical twin granddaughters Leah and Amelia. She has been in children’s ministry for over 30 years and currently serves as the Early Childhood Pastor at Daystar Church in Greensboro, NC. Daystar was listed as one of the 100 fastest growing churches in America in 2013 and 2014. You’ll find Kathy running between Daystar’s three campuses on any given Sunday morning. Her favorite activity, though, is portraying sassy lunch lady Mrs. Farquhar, a character she created to be a storyteller, in Daystar’s FX – family experience.



When I was a little girl, my mom and dad had a Christmas tradition of giving me a doll, a book, and a puzzle. I LOVED putting together puzzles! We would spend the entire Christmas break from school working on puzzles.

I still enjoy working on puzzles and will sometimes get one out and put it on a table to work on at my leisure.

Puzzles allow for solitude. There are no bells and whistles. You can spend as much time…

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Partnering with Parents Through Special Occasions

Celebration – just saying the word conjures up images of brightly colored balloons, ribbons, confetti, and delectable sweets. Who doesn’t love a fun celebration?! I know I certainly do! And if the book of Exodus is any indication, God does too! Over and over God instructed His people to build a monument or institute a feast in order to remember significant events.

As leaders, we have an opportunity to partner with parents during times of celebration too!

Every month, we send…

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Just trust me. Navigating the phase of separation anxiety.

One of my favorite things to do when I visit my son and his family is to watch him play with his two year old twin girls. They squeal with delight when he throws them up in the air and catches them. There is no fear, only trust.

We have the opportunity every week to instill in our little ones the lesson of trust. This is the most basic skill and the most useful lesson we will utilize throughout our…

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Rest. Recharge. Refocus.

I love social media during the months of May and June!!

Every day there are…
Prom pictures
Graduation ceremonies
End-of-year picnics
Awards ceremonies
Soccer/baseball/t-ball championships
…the list goes on and on

While I love seeing all the pictures, sometimes the busyness of our lives is almost overwhelming during this season.  And, while the celebrations are fun, this time of year can also take its toll on us as individuals and as families.

Now that the festivities are drawing to a close, it’s time to rest, recharge, and refocus.

Those lazy days lying…

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Creating A Rhythm of Prayer in the Life of a Preschooler

I recently wrote a blog post about the value of prayer in my life (you can read that post here). One of the reasons prayer is an integral part of my life is because of the value my mom placed on God’s word and prayer when I was young. As an Early Childhood pastor, one of my goals is to encourage and inspire families of preschoolers as they disciple their little treasures.

Creating a prayer rhythm is a wonderful way…

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