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Milestones Matter to the Kids in Your Ministry

Milestones matter! A milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. Milestones are the memory makers in the world of our families and kids. They are the things that when they grow up and go out on their own will make them smile when they “remember when!” They are the moments that will give them the courage to take the “next” step on their beautiful journey of…

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How do you emphasize MILESTONES?

In YouLead this month we will be talking about MILESTONE EMPHASIS.

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Milestones come and go whether we’re prepared for them or not. So, why not spend a little bit of time planning…

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New to Milestones?

Today we have a guest post from Sam Luce– who has a very visual blog. This is what he has to share…

Our church is still very new to the whole milestone concept. We are planning on adding some milestone traditions in the future in the areas of dedications and baptisms. Right now one of the ways we best partner with parents is by being very intentional during school transitions. What I love about the milestone model is…

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Are milestones specific to areas we serve?

Jonathan Cliff is another children’s ministry blogger that we love to follow. I’d never thought of learning to read as a milestone before this guest post:

There are so many milestones that we are seeking to discover. We are looking for the obvious ones like, the birth of a child or when that kid later commits to salvation and baptism. There are other less obvious ones, like when a boy starts to think that…

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Milestones as reference points

Last week on Thursday’s webcast highlighted on we started a conversation on Milestones. We invited a bunch of amazing children’s ministry bloggers to guest post with their thoughts on this topic. JC is kicking us off with these thoughts- check out his blog, jcisonline to read more posts. Join us today 2 pm EST for a webcast with Reggie on parent initiatives.

I’d really like to focus on a specific aspect of the…

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