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Orange Blogger Link Round-Up Of OC16

There were more breakouts than you could shake a stick at during Orange Conference 2016. If you followed our Orange Bloggers during conference, you were able to learn alongside of them. If you’d like a refresh or if there are some notes you missed, check through the following links!

Tom Bump

Rob Cizek

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Meet The #OC16 Blogging Team

There’s going to be a lot of activity at the Infinite Energy Center next week once OC16 gets started on Wednesday! And we want those of you following along from home to stay in the loop as much as possible, despite the frenzy of information that may be happening on social media, or even from those you’ve sent to Atlanta. One of the best ways to sort through it all is to not only watch the Live Stream

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5 Questions Your Team May Have About Change

by Joe McAlpine

Have you ever walked through the halls of a church and felt like you were walking through different decades as you pass from one addition to another? I have. Many times I find myself getting stressed out as I exit one area that is seemingly traditional and enter a new area that is contemporary. What is the vision? Why didn’t the whole church change? Why did they just leave the old and add something new? Why didn’t…

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It’s Orange Blogger Week!

We’re still riding the Valentine’s Day high, and ready to share the love with you! After all, it’s Orange Blogger Week!

That means that: 1) #OC16 is getting closer: 2) you’ll hear from a few of our Orange insiders on their OC experiences; 3) there will be BIG PRIZES involved! And it’s way better than a box of chocolates.

First of all, our hearts are pounding because we are only 72 days away from conference! If you haven’t started…

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“Season” Can Be A Four-Letter Word

by Joe McAlpine

It is 5 p.m. on a Friday night in December. The kids have finally decompressed from a long week at school and the fallout from the backpack emptying ritual has finally settled—I still don’t know why the school needs to send so much paperwork home. I am walking through the door after planning for the upcoming weekend services. My wife is fried from laundry, cooking, cleaning and all the other household duties that seem to never stop….

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