Prioritizing Relationships in Your Small Group Culture

Sunday Mornings . . . or Wednesday nights, or Sunday evenings.

Whenever you meet, it’s essential to provide children and students with consistent weekly small group leaders. If you say small group relationships are a priority, this is how you act like it.

I grew up in a church where everyone was on a rotation, so consistency was not the norm. I’m so glad that our church now has a different culture. When my oldest kid was three, he wouldn’t even say that we were going to church. Instead, he would say, “We’re going to see Mr. Tyler!” For him, church was small group and relationships, and that’s the kind of culture that we want to create. This kind of small group culture should play itself out every Sunday morning.

Sunday morning should be synonymous with small group and relationships—not merely activities, singing, or teaching.

How to Leverage Pre-service Time

A small group culture begins even wh

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