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Posted by on Feb 14, 2014 in Contests, Orange Conference | 83 comments

Register for OC14 by February 20! (and our biggest giveaway this week!) [ENDED]

Register for OC14 by February 20! (and our biggest giveaway this week!) [ENDED]

Whew, we’ve had quite a week! We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed Orange Blogger Week, and learned a lot in the process. If you’ve had a whirlwind week and are just joining us, take a look back at what you may have missed right here on our blog, as well as those of a few Orange Bloggers.

Just a friendly reminder that time is running out to save some dough on your OC14 registrations! Register by February 20 for only $279 to save $40 off the regular rate of $319. Plus, you’ll receive a $50 Orange credit for each registration, up to $200. For complete details, please visit the TheOrangeConference.com. And be sure to add Preconference for only $89!

We encourage you to register soon since Workshops and Breakouts are now online. These sessions sold out last year, and we expect the same for OC14.

And if you’re still making plans for your arrival, visit our Details page for special offers on your hotel, air and car travel. We’ve even made a list for you of how to get here on a budget.

But most importantly . . .

TODAY’S GIVEAWAY: WIN TWO FREE TICKETS TO OC14! And if you’ve already registered, we’ll refund your purchase, up to two tickets. In order to win, simply comment on this blog post, Orange Leaders FB post or via Twitter with hashtag #OC14. We’ll draw one person randomly at 5 p.m.

“The Orange team has knocked it out of the park in terms of training and equipping those of us on the ‘front lines’ to best utilize the comprehensive materials offered for families.  We came back refreshed, recharged, and ready to cast vision to our teams and share many of the strategies that we learned at the conference.” – Heather, Summit Church


  1. UNREAL!! What a prize! This would allow me to bring my beautiful wife, what an AMAZING Valentine’s Day Gift this would be…(ummm not that i “need” a last minute gift….)

  2. I would LOVE to be able to carry a couple of other people to OC14!!

  3. Free tickets?? YEAH! Our team is coming to #OC14. This will be the first time our team has attended a conference. We are so excited to see what all is out there for us!

  4. We are coming to Orange Conference this year. We love this curriculum! #OC14

  5. Excited to be back at OC14, but would love some free tickets to bring more of my team!

  6. We plan on being there….year three for me…plus a Tour.

  7. Looking forward to attending Orange Conference. This will be my 1st time with the team. A priceless adventure I am sure.

  8. Oh yes! I have two people I will was if my name is picked!

  9. I’ve never been to an Orange conference. Id love to win the tickets!

  10. Our church could really use free tickets to this conference. We are planning to send two members of our leadership team!

  11. Another great opportunity! #OC14

  12. 2 free OC14 tixs = help to CC14 budget cuts ~ want to send all our family ministry team!!

  13. We are hoping to bring our team to the Orange Conference for the first time! We can’t wait to learn and grow at #OC14!

  14. We’d love these tickets to send leaders from our church! #OC14

  15. Planning to volunteer to be present, but two tickets to attend would be a great gift to a couple of volunteers at our church.

  16. I wish I could say orange is my favorite color…But it’s not. What I can say, is that the favorite part of my job in family ministry is thinking orange and thinking sticky!! It would be awesome to have our first time at OC be free!!

  17. I am excited to be attending OC14. Winning tickets would be great! esp. if it means we can bring a couple of our pre-school teachers!

  18. Going for 2 free tix to help others get there : )

  19. Lovin’ my teen small group and would super love 2 free tickets! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  20. Would love to help our leaders get to OC14!

  21. We would love to go to the Conference! These 2 tickets would make it possible to go! We love Orange!

  22. We would soooo love to go!!!!

  23. Would love to bring 2 more team members to #OC14! Can’t wait!

  24. pick me, please!

  25. River Church in Madison Heights, Va would LOVE free tickets to #OC14!!!

  26. Our team would love this! 2 tickets would be awesome!!!

  27. Free tickets are always fun. :) #OC14 would bring along some kidmins at church plants around town. :)

  28. What a wonderful prize! We would love to be able to attend!!

  29. It would be awesome to be able to go to #OC14 – we love Orange!

  30. 2 free tickets to The Orange Conference= hitting the fun button!!

  31. 6 months into my new ministry job as a Preschoolers & Kids manager and I would love to learn more at #OC14! Pick me!

    • Congrats, Kristen! You are a winner! Please email kporter@rethinkgroup.org for more info. We’ll see you at #OC14! ~ Kristi

  32. It would be amazing to go to this being new to ministry I think it would be a great experience.

  33. Free tickets!!! We have volunteers that could use these. #oc14

  34. I just started a new role and I would love to bring my FM team that has NEVER BEEN TO OC! #OC14

  35. I remember back when this was grow-up conf…Reggi brought out a jar of marbles and gave everyone one as well!

  36. Woo hoo! I would so love to win so i can attend this year!

  37. We have been using 252Basics for three years now. It’s high time I get to a conference!!

  38. Would love to win tickets, so I can come to the conference!

  39. Wpw! Winning these would be a dream come true! I have been waiting to attend oc for years!

  40. I believe that sending our children’s pastor, who is a volunteer, to OC14 would change our church forever!! Love all that you guys do! Thanks so much.

    • Yes our children’s church pastor should go she is awesome!!

  41. Awesome giveaway!! Would love to win the tickets.

  42. Wow! I’ll take those tickets please.

  43. What an awesome event for our youth and children’s pastors !! They deserve it more than anyone ! They work so hard for the next generation of the church!! Thanks for all you do!

  44. I would love to attend!!! I have been interested in Orange for our kids min for a long time!!!!

  45. Really??? Free tickets? We would love to send two of our kidmin team to Orange this year! Thank You!

  46. Can’t wait for #OC14!

  47. I would love to attend #OC14 this year!!

  48. Would love to have a few free tickets to bring some extra ministry partners!

  49. Would love to win for our church’s leaders to have this opportunity!

  50. Soooo hoping to go to #OC14
    Free tickets would get me there fo sho!

  51. Orange is my favorite color. 😉

  52. I have purchased my ticket but would love to invite my children’s associate pastor and youth administrator! Thank you!

  53. I attended OC13 last year for the first time and it truly was an incredible experience! I am not going to be able to attend this year because of recent budget cuts, however winning tickets would be an amazing blessing and the best gift I could imagine!

  54. Awesome prize! Would love to attend this year!

  55. Love family ministry and the impact it is starting to have on our church! Would love to attend #OC14 and learn more about how to minister better to our families!

  56. OOOOOOHHH!! PICK ME!!! My church helped pay for me to come, but there wasn’t enough for my sponsors! 2 free tickets = problem solved :)

  57. Would love to attend. Huge supporter of Orange!

  58. Would love the opportunity to attend!

  59. FBC Scottsboro is considering coming to our 1st Orange conference. Free tickets would help!

  60. Would love tickets to the Orange Conference!

  61. Awesome!! #OC14

  62. Living in New England makes attending the Orange Conference financially difficult! We are planning to come this year AND our lead Pastor is coming with us! Exciting stuff!

  63. I love these giveaways!! Thanks Orange!!

  64. Oh, PLEASE let me win 2 free tickets! I ordered four tickets like I was told to, now someone has canceled, and I am in trouble at my church. Being the Children’s Minister, I am usually in trouble, but now I am in BIG $200 trouble! Please help me, the pastor is not smiling.

  65. I forgot to put #OC14. Now I’m in trouble again!

  66. My church can’t afford to send us this year, but we could come with free tix :-). Plus we just signed up for First Look and 252!!!

    • Hi Kendra! I’m sorry, but the giveaway closed at 5 p.m. EST on Friday, 2/14. Keep following us here and on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/orangeleaders) for more giveaways! ~Jennifer

  67. Excited to have a chance to win some tickets for my leaders! Love think orange and their willingness to help people do something big in their churches!

    • Hi Billy! Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, this giveaway ended on Friday 2/14 at 5 p.m. We’ll have more giveaways in the future! ~Jennifer

  68. would love to get the leaders of our youth here…. LIFE IMPACT

    • Sorry, Sean! This giveaway ended on 2/14, but there will be more giveaways in the future! ~Jennifer

  69. We could really use the tickets, we are out of funds to send anyone else.

    • Thanks, Nick! Unfortunately, this contest ended on 2/14. Keep checking on the blog and Twitter (www.Twitter.com/orangeleaders) for more giveaways! ~Jennifer

  70. We have several leaders eager and ready to attend. The budget only allowed for a few to go and these extra tickets would allow more excellent leaders to attend this great event to be able to share the good news through Think Orange!

  71. Would love to bring my husband, who happens to be a 4-6th grade SGL, with me to celebrate my 50th (ouch) birthday on May 2 and grow orangier together!

  72. Coming all the way from Dubai..Would benefit greatly to have these tickets free :)

    • Hi Cheryl Ann! Dubai! That’s awesome! Unfortunately, though, this giveaway ended on Friday. Follow us on Twitter for information on future giveaways: http://www.Twitter.com/orangeleaders. Thanks! ~Jennifer

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