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Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in Contests, Orange Conference | 49 comments

Learn, Laugh and Linger at OC14

Learn, Laugh and Linger at OC14

There’s nothing quite like the experience of learning and worshiping alongside 5,000 other leaders in the Gwinnett Arena. The energy is contagious. It can even be a little overwhelming, but you know, the good kind. It’s the sort of encounter where you know God is big and present and working. And we want you to be there.

This year, you’ll hear from voices like Andy Stanley, Mark Batterson, Perry Noble, Sue Miller, Derwin Gray, Reggie Joiner, Kara Powell, Jon Acuff, Doug Fields, Jeff Henderson and more. You’ll soak up all kinds of knowledge that you and your team need to hear to take your ministry to the next level.

And just when you think your brain might explode from information overload, we’ll put the learning on pause and just laugh. We’ve brought in another kind of expert for that, Jeff Foxworthy. Laughing is fun. And fun over time makes a friendship grow deeper. It’s just the kind of thing that bonds a team together.

And when you get tired of sitting, you can wander over to the Gallery at the back of the Arena. We’ll have an interactive exhibit set up for you to make the concepts from OC14 come alive. Plus, you’ll find a perfect place to take those Instagram photos, letting the folks back home see what you’re up to and why you buy all that orange clothing.

But besides your team, don’t forget all the other cool people around you. We want you to make friends at OC14. You can do that in line for coffee, during your sessions, or at one of our Gatherings. More info to come about Gatherings, but these will be role-related networking events held off-site on Thursday night. And there are usually prizes involved, if you need a bribe. We think they’re a lot of fun, and encourage you to considering attending.

Take a look back at OC13—or maybe get a good look at what you’re in for!

TODAY’S GIVEAWAY: Reserved seats for Friday’s main stage sessions! Avoid the stampede into the Arena because your seats for Friday will be saved, complete with your name and organization. You’ll feel like the VIP you deserve to be. In order to win, simply comment on this blog post, FB post or via Twitter with hashtag #OC14. We’ll draw one person randomly at 5 p.m.

“The church saw the benefits of sending me last year so I am returning with two others in 2014!” – Kathy, Anchorage, AK

Don’t forget—This blog post is part of Orange Blogger Week! It’s a week of becoming more familiar with The Orange Conference experience, along with daily giveaways! Be sure to check out anything you may have missed.


  1. I can’t wait to bring a volunteer with me from our church this year! We are so excited and can’t wait to say YES to what God wants to do in us and in our ministry this year!

  2. Reserved seating would be awesome! Can’t wait for OC14!

  3. We are SO excited for our first time at OC14. Reserved seating would be an awesome first time experience.

  4. Reserved seats would ROCK! OC14 can’t get here fast enough!

  5. Can’t wait for #OC14!!

  6. I have been the past 2 years with a group of volunteers, our kids ministry has been transformed! Now this year all of our staff is coming! Can’t wait!

  7. Reserved seats would be ahhh-mazing! Super excited about OC14!!!!

  8. Praying for an #OC14 miracle! Reserved seats would be awesome!

  9. Reserved seating would make the morning so much more enjoyable….no rushing!

  10. Reserved seats would be awesome!

  11. Reserved seating? Sign me up! #OC14

  12. This is my very first conference!! I am so looking forward to it. My friend and I are coming. Reserved seats would be awesome!!!

  13. I would be down with reserved seats. I just can’t wait to go!

  14. I am bringing a first-timer this year to OC14 and reserved seats would be sweet!

  15. I would love reserve seats!

  16. Yea for reserved seating!! Sign us up!!

  17. Reserved seating would be awesome!!

  18. Central Church would LOVE reserved seating!!

  19. Orange general sessions are awesome. The energy from the stage and in the audience is exhilarating. Looking forward to hearing these great speakers, and especially Jeff Foxworthy. Are we going to play Bible Challenge?

  20. Reserved seating would be awesome! This is my first year attending OC. I’m bringing my teenage son with me who feels called into Children’s Ministry. What an awesome opportunity for him to experience this up close! #OC14

  21. Wow! Reserved Seats For Our Team Would Be So Cool! talk About Brownie Points! My Team Would Really think I Was on ToP Of ThinGs Ha!

  22. Reserved seats? I thought that was only for fancy restaurants and ice-capades!

  23. Cannot wait for #OC14!!! The worship, the speakers and especially Jeff Foxworthy. Reserved VIP seats would just make it better!!!

  24. Reserved seating would be amazing. Cant wait for #OC14

  25. Reserved seating would be awesome!!! Bringing more of our team this year, from preschool through high school!!! Can’t wait!!

  26. Reserved Seats would be great!

  27. Reserved seating would be great!

  28. Reserved seating would be such a treat! What a great opportunity for Orange Conference newbies!

  29. Would love some reserved seating for my team! Excited to hear about orange and how we can create family ministry

  30. I’m just a poor, children’s minister. Traveling to #OC14. You just don’t know how much I want this. It would make me feel like a queen.

    (Sung to the tune of “Wayfaring Stranger”)

  31. Reserved seating!!! What a awesome treat!! Please and Thank you!!! :)

  32. I would LOVE to have reserved seating for my very first Orange Conference!! #OC14

  33. I am coming with an amazing team I adore! I would love for them to be blessed with reserved seating! #OC14

  34. Winning reserved seats would be AMAZING!! Thanks for offering this giveaway—I’m looking forward to #OC14!

  35. Orange you glad you picked me!!! How sweet it would be!!!

  36. This is my first time to come with my staff. Heard so many great things. Can ‘to wait.

  37. I’ve never been to Orange Confernce. So I’m thanking God now for the experience and even for the chance of reserved seating. #OC14.

  38. Last years OC13 was my first and it was awesome. I came away with so much. To have reserved seats at OC 14 would be awesome and i would most definitely share with my Leader Kim Setzer, she has taught me so much and given me the confidence to be a leader.

  39. So ready to learn @ OC14!

  40. I want to be there.

  41. It’s gonna be great no matter where we sit – but reserved seats would put it over the top!!

  42. Wow, what would my team think about reserved seating. Finally moving up from the back row!

  43. I’ll take it!

  44. Reserved seats would be amazing! Looking forward to what God has in store for our team as well as the many others at OC14!

  45. Reserved seats for our Cool Team! Yes to the Heck Yeh!!

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