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Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Front Page, Ministry Leaders | 5 comments

Family Ministry Transition and Milestone Events at Community Christian Church

Family Ministry Transition and Milestone Events at Community Christian Church

by Nick Blevins

I love family ministry events designed to celebrate milestones and help with transitions. Here are the milestone and transition events we currently do at Community Christian Church.

Milestone Events

Parent and Child Dedication – An event for parents to dedicate their babies during our services. We hold an orientation prior to the event to get to know parents, communicate our strategy, and prepare them as best as possible.

Dive In – A baptism class for children where they hear the gospel, we answer any questions, and we provide parents with resources to talk about it at home. (Thanks NPCC!)

Transition Events

Kindergarten Confidential – An orientation into elementary ministry for incoming kindergartners and their parents. We talk about everything elementary ministry has to offer and allow parents to experience it with their kids before the kids move up permanently. (Thanks NPCC!)

Parent and Small Group Leader Lunch – An event for elementary parents to meet their child’s Small Group Leaders. (Thanks SYCU!)

Student Ministry End-of-Summer Party – This is the first thing incoming 6th graders are invited to in student ministry. This is a very relaxed environment where they meet their group leaders and are with the other 6th graders, and we just have fun.

Student Ministry Launch Event for Students AND PARENTS – Think of this as the first of our weekly environment for students, but we invite parents out to meet their student’s group leaders and that relationship is established. Students are all together, then spend time with their groups as well.

That’s everything we currently do. I’d love to add something more for graduating seniors, other than acknowledging them in our student environment and inviting them into a young adult small group.

What do you do? What would you add or change?

Nick is the children and student’s team leader at Community Christian Church in Baltimore, MD. Nick is married to a beautiful and talented woman named Jennifer and they have one son named Isaac. You can reach Nick on his blog, or via Twitter.

This post originally appeared August 14, 2013 at NickBlevins.com. Used with permission from the author. 


  1. While we are an Orange church (strategy & curriculum) we also subscribe to Brian Haynes’ book “SHIFT” and have adapted their 7 family milestones.

    1. Baby dedication
    2. Baptism
    3. Transition to adolescence
    4. Commitment to purity
    5. Manhood/womanhood celebration
    6. High school graduation
    7. Transition to adult “programming”

    Is there anywhere I can learn more about the Dive In class?

    • Hi Matt! Thanks for the list of milestones Journey Christian recognizes. Regarding your question about the Dive In class, what Nick describes in this post sounds like the Orange product, For Heaven’s Sake (http://secure.rethinkgroup.org/store4/product.php?productid=78&cat=354&page=1). For more information about the product, you can speak with an Orange representative at 866-343-4874, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    • That’s correct, it’s just like the For Heaven’s Sake resource. We created it prior to the launch of For Heaven’s Sake, adapted from what North Point (northpoint.org) used to do.

      We plan to adapt it more towards For Heaven’s Sake this year, which we’ve also given out the last few years.

      There’s more about how we used to do Dive In here under Events.

  2. Hi Nick! I was checking out a few things on the website and clicked here and it was fun to see that it was you – a fellow Baltimore friend!!! I love the name “Dive In” – very fun!

    Here is 8 specific celebrations we are hosting at for store milestone moments at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, MD.

    Parent Child Dedication
    Kindergarten Graduation (We know, we know, needs a new name!:)
    Baptism Class
    Crossing Retreat for 5th Graders
    8th Grade Retreat on Identity or Purity
    8th Grade Celebration
    12th Grade Retreat on Faithfully following
    12th Grade Brinner – Graduation event

    We also have a couple of events in there like Father/Daughter Dance too..just for fun! We loved the book “Shift” and it really helped us to fine tune what were were doing for our ministry to Parents. Also, the second book “The Legacy Pathway” is good too!

    • Hey Gerri!

      Yup, small world. Thanks for sharing those events and resources. I love the 5th grade retreat idea.

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