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EVENT: What in the World (updated Orange Tour 2.0 Event)

You are stewards of timeless truth. You have an opportunity, in the life of a child or teenager to help them connect the dots of God’s story in their lives. You are uniquely positioned to help them understand what God is trying to say in their lives, and to connect them to His truth—which ultimately shapes their worldview, and allows them to see the world and themselves in a different way.

Why is this so important? So that one day the next generation will understand what it means to be the Church.

What in the World is designed to create a one-day event that is achievable for any size and type of church. This “event in a box” will help you design a strategy that combines the family with the faith community to demonstrate the message of God’s story, in order to influence the next generation.

What’s Included:

* Event Guide

* Production Notes

* Tech Notes

* Bumper Video

* 3 QuickTime videos featuring Reggie Joiner

* Five YouLead sessions that can be used as breakouts during your event

* Breakout handouts and outlines

* Production slides that will help you design transitions that will keep everyone engaged

* Image files for postcards and posters that will help you promote and publicize the event

* Table cards with questions to get you talking with your teams

SESSIONS: Selected Messages from Ministry Experts
How to Make Orange Work for You by Customizing Curriculum
By Christine Kreisher
Does the thought of editing curriculum have you seeing red? Have no fear! We’re here to help you think Orange! Whether you’re from a small church, large church, or portable church, we’ll walk you through the simple process of customizing the curriculum to work in every environment. Hear from ministry leaders who are in the trenches—been there, done that and still doing it now!

Developing a Leadership Culture
By Dan Reiland

Is leadership development just “one more thing” or part of your church culture? The difference between the two changes the impact dramatically. Developing a leadership culture requires an organic mix of five strategic elements. Every church needs more leaders, and better leaders. If you consistently practice these five elements, over time, you will exponentially increase your Kingdom impact.

Transitioning to a Small Group Model
By Tom Shefchunas
Are you a Small Group-based ministry? Or do you just say you are? There is more to transitioning from a traditional Sunday school model to a Small Groups-based model than changing the words you use to describe it. Join Tom Shefchunas, director of Transit (middle school) for North Point Ministries, as he discusses what it takes to move your church from a traditional model to a true Small Group model.

PREZ: Exit Interviews
Together, they reinvented ministry to children and families. In four different churches in four different parts of the nation, they designed programs that ministered to thousands of children every week. Their ideas defied schoolroom-inspired Sunday school models and shattered accepted standards of Christian education. Now, as each one has expanded beyond those original churches into national ministries, Reggie Joiner, Sue Miller, Craig Jutila and Jim Wideman are able to speak openly and honestly as never before.

CULTURE: Zombies, Football and the Gospel Book Study
by Reggie Joiner
Ready or not, the game is changing. Life has shifted more dramatically in the past hundred years than it did the thousand years before. It’s altered more in the past five years alone than it did in the previous 50 years. What does this mean for the next three years? The next 10 years?

The problem is, we’re not playing a game. The stakes in the Church are higher than they’ve ever been. As leaders, we risk the future of this generation if we ignore the rapid change of pace.

SOCIAL Plans: Messages and Images that Inspire Volunteers
Social Plan: Community 01
Social Plan: Service 01
Social Plan: Media 02
Social Plan: Team 01

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