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Posted by on Apr 10, 2012 in Ministry Leaders, Orange Conference, Recommendations, Tips | 2 comments

Follow the Orange Bloggers

Consider these guys and gals the Yellow Brick Road of The Orange Conference, minus the flying monkeys. If you are unable to make the annual trek to Atlanta in a couple of weeks, then consider our Orange bloggers your long-distance ticket. They’ll be blogging about what they see and hear, and offer a unique perspective of all things OC12.

This team covers all kinds of ministry and parenting topics between them, so you’re sure to find something you are interested in or can relate to:

Amanda White – ImpressYourKids.com

Amy Dolan – www.LemonLimeKids.com

Amy Fenton Lee – www.TheInclusiveChurch.com

Ben Kerns – www.AverageYouthMinistry.com

Ben Read – YouthMin.org

Cass Brannon – www.CassBrannan.Wordpress.com

Dustin Valencia – www.AbrahamChronicles.com

JC Thompson – http://JCIsOnline.com

Jenny Funderburke – http://JennyFunderburke.com

Jeremy Lee – www.WonderfullyAwkward.com

Jonathan Cliff – www.JonathanCliff.com

Kenny Conley – www.ChildrensMinistryOnline.com

Matt McKee – http://mMattMckee.me

Matt Norman – http://Kidmin1124.com

Michael Bayne – http://www.MichaelBayne.net

Nick Blevins – www.NickBlevins.com

Paul Mannio – http://OrangeDad.com

Ryan Millard – www.RyanMillard.com

Shannon Royce – http://ChosenFamilies.org

Terrace Crawford – www.TerraceCrawford.com

Tom Pounder – http://www.MinistryBlackboard.com

Tom Shefchunas – www.CoachShef.com

Tonya Langdon – www.Kidmin1124.com

Joe McAlpine – http://JoeMcAlpine.com


  1. It’s such an honor to be an the same list as these folks. I can’t wait to meet these folks in person and to read their take on OC12.

    Matt N.

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