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Posted by on Mar 23, 2012 in Ministry Leaders, Orange Conference | 0 comments

Five Characteristics of a Hurried Life

by Craig Jutila

We are excited to have Craig Jutila with us again for The Orange Conference. Be sure to register for his breakout sessions before seats fill up!

Depending on what journal, book or medical magazine you have read recently you may find a different list of characteristics. As it turns out, these come from my own life . . . and . . . they are on just about every list.

Number 1: Tired (Physically Tired But to Guilty to Take a Rest)
Let’s move from Type “A” to Type “BE” and get some rest. (Don’t conform to the pattern of the world . . . BE transformed by the renewing of your mind.)

Number 2: Irritable (Frequently on Edge)
Hurried lives generally have no margin in their schedule. When deadlines press against delivery irritability is born. Build frequent pause into your daily routine.

Number 3: Impatient (Perpetually Hurried)
Be mindful of your “speed” as you move through your day. Make a conscious effort to walk slower and not multitask.

Number 4: Withdrawn (Hiding in Plain Site)
Maintaining an adrenaline high is important to hurried lives. It’s the emotional rush we get from manufacturing busyness. People outside looking in may see you as successful but the hurried life is emotionally bankrupt. Reveal and be authentic.

Number 5: Control (Desire to Control Your World)
A hurried life will usually try to “fit more things in” to an already overloaded schedule and the result is a need to control their world . . . and yours. For the hurried life the question, “What do you think?” is a good place to start.

Craig Jutila has been providing leadership and creative resources for children’s ministry for over 20 years. He has served as a children’s pastor at two churches—most recently with Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. Currently, Craig is responsible for leading the charge at Empowering Kids, providing leadership and resources for children’s leaders around the world. He and his wife, Mary, also run Hadassah’s Hope to help parents offset the cost of adopting children internationally. Connect with Craig via Twitter (@craigjutila), Facebook (Facebook.com/craigjutila), or his blogs (http://www.WhoWillYouEmpower.com/craigblog and www.HecticToHealthy.com)

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