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Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 in Featured, Ministry Leaders, Recommendations | 0 comments

Orange Blogger Week is February 6-10!

Orange Blogger Week is February 6-10!

According to the calendar, we are just 82 days away from The Orange Conference! You can almost smell the caffeine in the air here at the Orange office. We’re busy meeting, creating, and planning in order to make your experience a special one at OC12.

But we aren’t the only ones watching the calendar. Many of you have expressed your excitement as you make plans to attend. And our Orange bloggers are gearing up as well. In fact, they’ll spend next week talking about their past conference experiences as well as what they are looking forward to this year, and their thoughts on the Orange Strategy and implementation in their own environments. Be sure to take a few minutes to read what they have to say so you can start your days encouraged and inspired as we all delve further into 2012. It’s gonna be a great year!

And remember, if you just can’t wait ’til April to hang out with other Orange Thinkers, then stop by one of our upcoming meet-ups to network, exchange ideas, share game changers, and talk ministry.

Orange Bloggers:

Amy Fenton Lee:

Wayne Stocks: and

Cass Brannan:

Michael Bayne:

Jenny Funderburke:

Tom Pounder:

Henry Zonio:

Nick Blevins:

Amy Dolan:

Steve Cullum:

Ben Read:

Kenny Conley:


Dustin Valencia:

Paul Mannino:

Jeremy Lee:

Jason Chenoweth:

Benjamin Kerns:

Jonathan Cliff:

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