Communication and Pace

Communication and Pace

Let’s be honest, when you first heard of the Orange Strategy, there was a sense of excitement that probably resonated deep within your soul. If you are hearing about it for the first time today it probably excites you as well. How could it not? Here is a cutting-edge idea, set to revolutionize the way the church does ministry to families. That should cause immense excitement! Excitement is a good thing. It is a great thing. But we have to harness that excitement in the right way while we... Read More

BigStuf 2011

Every year, Reggie Joiner, Jared Herd and others of the Orange staff have the privilege of working with BigStuf Camps in Panama City Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida. This past week in Orange staff meeting, Reggie and Jared shared stories of life transformation among the students attending the camps, which moved us to see what churches had captured in video and pictures. A search on YouTube yields many highlight reels from various church’s experiences. Here’s one we liked from The... Read More

August YouLead Podcast: Carey Nieuwhof and Jeff Henderson

It’s not every day we get to listen in on a conversation between two incredible senior pastors. Jeff Henderson was the campus pastor of Buckhead Church, until recently when he transitioned to start another North Point Campus in Gwinnett. He has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to being strategic. August YouLead Podcast with Carey Nieuwhof and Jeff Henderson To learn more about YouLead and to receive a free, one-month trial, go to... Read More

7 Practices for Effective Ministry Book Study, Part 3

When it comes to change, often the hardest thing to change is yourself. In the next three chapters of 7 Practices for Effective Ministry, Ray discovers that the remaining three practices require a personal change—which isn’t always easy to do. Can You Hear Me Now? As ministry leaders, we often think we’re pretty good listeners. But in Practice #5, leaders are challenged to listen in a new way. We know part of our responsibility as ministry leaders is to listen to people in our church—but do we... Read More

Fill up First

by Tom Shefchunas We decided long ago that we were never going to have a checklist when we trained our small group leaders in Transit. Basically, the logic went something like this: Relationships, good ones, could never be boiled down to a checklist. I wouldn’t want to volunteer for a job that can be boiled down into a checklist, would you? BORING! We want to be a ministry defined by our volunteers and quality relationships, not how well they completed a checklist. That being said, the... Read More