June YouLead Podcast: Replacing Yourself, Chris Lema

Listen in as our very own Matt McKee chats with Chris Lema. With expertise in technology, Chris is known for his success at building, sustaining and turning around multiple companies. He’s now shifted his focus from starting his own companies to helping others launch their dreams. The key to his success: his replace yourself mentality! June YouLead Podcast: Replacing Yourself, Chris Lema Like what you hear? Click here to try YouLead for... Read More

What's on Your Reading List?

Each Wednesday this month, we’ve been posting your book lists. Here are a couple of recent lists we received: Jon Ellegood of Chelsea First United Methodist Church aspires to read the following: Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel Crazy Love by Francis Chan Almost Christian by Kenda Creasy Dean Quitter by Jon Acuff If you’d like to connect with Jon, you can do so on Facebook at “Jon Ellegood” or on Twitter @jonellegood. Anne Wilson of... Read More

Busy is the new Fine

by Jeff Shinabarger So, how are things going? Busy. This is the new common question and answer from me, from friends, from colleagues, from everyone. The common response in the past is to be fine, but now everything is busy. At some point, there was a transitional response that happened from fine to busy. There has been a cultural shift that defined busy was a better term than fine. I think it is a shift in translation that happened in the last three years, since the economy has been hindered.... Read More

What to do Once a School says "YES" to Partnership!

by Sarah Lee and Ronda Malin Last week, Sarah and Ronda wrote about how to gain a partnership with a local church. This week, they talk about what to do once a partnership is established. Once you have created a partnership with your local school and they have welcomed you to produce a School XP, your opportunity has started! The link to the School XP resources through 252 Basics (coming August 1) will provide you with everything to produce an engaging assembly. You’ll find the production... Read More

Different Drummer, Disney and Orange!

Recently, our friends at Different Drummer offered two of us Orange staffers a unique opportunity to spend time at Walt Disney Animation Studios with a group of amazing women in ministry from churches all across the country. These women had a variety of Orange experience, ranging from none to some to thinking Orange, which made for a lot of fun discussion. During our two-day visit, we were asked, “What is Orange?” many times. And every time we gave our answer, we would receive a... Read More