December YouLead Webcast: Reggie Joiner

What kind of picture are you creating for your families that walk in the doors of your church? Is it a picture that they may never be able to live up to? In this video, Reggie challenges us to help our families live a bigger story not just a better picture, because God is telling a story of restoration and redemption through each of our lives. December YouLead Webcast: Reggie Joiner Read More
The Grace of God Book Study, Part 4

The Grace of God Book Study, Part 4

It seems quite fitting that this last segment of the book study focuses on the chapters that reveal the stories of God’s grace after the birth of Christ. Just a few days ago, we celebrated Jesus’ birth. In the midst of Christmas Eve services, gifts, family, and a celebratory meal, I wonder how many of us stopped for just a moment to reflect on the significance that this baby’s birth had in regard to God’s grace. A promise fulfilled, a Redeemer who would save, a revelation of grace that would... Read More

Apps We Plug-In To

In a recent Orange staff meeting, Reggie Joiner asked a few of us to share the names and descriptions of apps we are currently using at home and in work. Our picks are: • Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you, from Instagram photos and Facebook updates to Tumblr posts and articles from your favorite publications. Fill Flipboard with the things you like to read, from the smallest blogs to publications like Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, and use... Read More

An Ounce of Prevention

Sunday our pastor, Andy Stanley, gave an amazing message on giving called, An Ounce of Prevention. He said there are two types of giving: 1) Intervention giving is emotional and the results are measurable. 2) Prevention giving is neither. But it is far superior. He makes the point that intervention giving is important. In fact, North Point Ministries just raised $2,000,000 to immediately help charities in the Atlanta area. They also pledged 15,000 hours of volunteer service to help these... Read More