Friday Favs, Volume 2

It’s “Round 2” for our Friday Favs playlist.

The October module for YouLead had been encouraging us to actively think about what it means to encourage a “Pro Family Culture”.  We thought that it would be fun to ask our staff to share with you the songs that make them think about family the most.  You can purchase these songs individually or as an entire playlist on iTunes.  (Don’t let the “Yo Gabba Gabba” song fool you — it’s a great song by The Roots!)

What songs makes you think of your family?

American Dream
Album:  Casting Crowns
Artist:  Casting Crowns
Selected by:  Gina Napier
Album:  Nichole Nordeman: The Ultimate Collection
Artist:  Nichole Nordeman
Selected by:  Yancy
Love Can Build a Bridge
Album:  Love Can Build a Bridge
Artist:  The Judds
Selected by:  Angie Bogen
We are Family
Album:  We are Family
Artist:  Sister Sledge
Selected by:  Kelly Wallace and Susan Richards
Album:  Family – Single
Artist:  Zach Gill
Selected by:  Becky Kizer

Our House
Album:  Total Madness – The Very Best of Madness
Artist:  Madness
Selected by:  Joy Bowen

Lovely, Love my Family

Album: Yo Gabba Gabba! Music is Awesome
Artist:  The Roots
Selected by:  Melanie Hughes
Addams Groove
Album:  MC Hammer Greatest Hits
Artist:  MC Hammer
Selected by:  Phil Pierce
Come On Get Happy!
Album:  The Very Best of The Partridge Family
Artist:  The Partridge Family
Selected by:  Diane Runge

So would you add any other songs to this playlist? Who knows, maybe we’ll add an OrangeLeader version the next month we focus on Reactivating Families. So let us hear you!