The Power of Story…

The power of story can literally transform people’s lives. Here a few thoughts from Kelly Dolan, on the power of story… I’ve said it before, but I never seem to get tired of hearing about the power of story. This morning I attended Mark Matlock’s Real World Parents workshop. Although I know Mark and was already familiar with the content, hearing him talk about the role story plays in the lives of children and students was fascinating. The story students tell themselves, the story they’re... Read More

Orange Staffinders

Having the RIGHT Orange Leader in place, is key to a thriving ministry. We created this blog post for all churches to post available staff openings. You are invited to use this for that purpose, and if you find someone let us know so we can delete your post! Thanks! DISCLAIMER- we are not a professional matchmaking service – so we are not responsible for bad dates. Read More

Accidental ParaChurch Ministries

Chuck Bomar, co-Author of The Slow Fade, facilitated a breakout at Orange called: College-Age Confusion. Many churches are stuck in a state of confusion as to what’s needed in order to be effective in engaging college-age people. The outcome is little if any intentional ministry. Some have tried different approaches and have yet to find something sustainable. Being effective in college ministry isn’t difficult, it just takes focus on a few key things. Here a few thoughts from Kelly... Read More

YOU are a Leader!

The Orange Conference is one of my most favorite times of the year. More so than the lights, incredible music, and learning — what fuels me are the people who gather there. I vividly remember my first Orange conference experience as an attender. I left a different leader than when I arrived. God had some things to say to me. And some things He wanted to change in me. In the Orange Journal that was handed out this year, written within the first few pages was something that made me smile. And I... Read More

Influencing Transition

by Jonathan Cliff By far my favorite breakout this year was taught by Pastor Larry L. Thompson of First Baptist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Larry taught on influencing transition and the five circles of change. I’m going to attempt to bring you the best of what I heard: 5 Keys to Influence Transition: Common Sense People respect and respond to a leader you uses common sense led by the Holy Spirit. Compatability Is the change and transition compatible with the core values of the organization?... Read More