They're Kind of a BIG DEAL!

Meet the Big Deal Guys

We drive the real truck. We build the real stuff. We tell the real stories.

We work, draw, build, dream, play and do ministry at The Big Deal. God has blessed us with a creative outlook, some jack-of all-trades skills, some serious tools, and a passion to tell people about a relationship with God.

Hear what Sam Luce had to say about their breakout at Orange.

I love getting Ideas to spice up our large group time.

What I learned:
** When you do big stuff make it about the kids.
**Don’t try to outdo yourself.
**Don’t get locked into bigger better barnburner.

Rue goldberg – Contraptions.

Take some time each week to make some whitespace.

Build suspense – for kids.
13 things you should build this year

1. A catapult or chicken chucker
2. Air Cannon
3. A trigger
4. Wrllz of hurt
5. Rockets
6. RC stuff
7. Screen door closer
8. Foam props
9. Giant props
10.Wooden boxes
11. Zip lines and pulleys
12. Electrical switch
13. WOW piece

If you want more information on how to build or find any of these 13 things, email us at

My take home for the breakout is to think that anything is possible and create some white space in my week to dream.

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