Family (Session 4)

When you think of your family, what image comes to mind? Maybe you developed your image of family from the pictures around you. What do you think a family should look like? It might be encouraging to know that the families in the Bible were messy. They were amazingly dysfunctional. That’s because the Bible demonstrates with surprising candor, that God desires to use broken people to tell His story. God is more interested in using broken people than He is in creating a better picture. What if... Read More

Community (Session 5)

Today’s Orange Leaders Challenge: List the top FIVE reasons you will come to Atlanta for Orange ’11. Post your reasons here! One winner, chosen at random, will receive FIVE tickets to Orange ’11! ——————————————— Who are your friends in your stage of life? Who are your friends in a different stage of life? If you want to continue to be transformed as a leader If you want to protect your own spiritual... Read More

Message (Session 3)

Your generation has instant access to information that is growing exponentially. But it doesn’t take a lot of messages to impact your life, It just takes the right ones. What would happen if you decided to prioritize what you hear, become intentional about learning from key leaders, refine the messages that affect your daily life. You are colliding with words everyday. The messages you hear will have profound influence on the direction of your life. That includes: –Music –Podcasts... Read More

Strategy (Session 2)

God’s plan is not to make you happy, but to have an intimate relationship with you. He never promised your life would be easy. He did promise that He could use the circumstances of your life to help you understand His love for you and His love for those around you. The leaders in the Bible were willing to collide … with different cultures with tough truths with new ideas with hard situations with impossible odds because they trusted that God was up to something in their personal lives and in... Read More

Thursday's Orange Leaders Challenge…

Today’s Orange Leaders Challenge: The success of every leader is dependent upon knowing where to get your questions answered and knowing how to network with other leaders. Today we will challenge you to do both. We have come up with a phrase, and the first two people to write the complete phrase on the Orange Leaders Facebook page (, will win! In order to figure out the phrase, you will need to get a little help. Who can give you the most help on your Orange... Read More