What's your Blind Side?

One of our favorite Orange leaders and bloggers is Kendra Fleming. During our last webcast, there was a lot of chatter about knowing our own strengths (and our weaknesses). Here’s part of a very honest post Kendra wrote on this subject– click here to read more.

Are you paying attention to your blind spots? Here are a few things about blind spots:

  • You can’t see them! Seems obvious, but YOU aren’t in the best position to see your blind spots or to know how they are affecting the team.
  • Your greatest strengths can also do damage to your team dynamics.
  • You tend to think that everyone values the same things you value and that everyone is good at the same thing that we are good at. Not true!

I want share one of my strengths and a blind spot. I hope this discussion will encourage you to become more aware of your own. I’ll give you a brief description of the strength, but if you want more information, I recommend that you buy the Strength Finder’s book. It’s a great tool to have on your shelf.

#1 Maximizer
This basically means that I always see how something could be improved. When I look at something or experience an environment, I’m thinking about how it could be done better.

The Blind Spot: When I asked my teammates where they saw this blind spot show up, they told me that it can be discouraging to work so hard on an event and have me move too quickly to evaluation and problem-solving instead of taking a moment to let everyone celebrate and relax from a job well done.

What are some of your strengths and the blind spots that go with them?  If you’re not sure, who could you ask for some real input?