Onstage Resources

Worship is communication. I realize that some of you reading this work with a full team of musicians, vocalists and dancers. But for some of you, it may be a one man or one woman show. Wherever you fall in this range, there’s a resource I want to share with you called, “Expressive Worship” by Tom Jackson. It’s a two DVD set and can be found here. If you want to become more effective at what you do on stage and in your ability to communicate to your audience, this is a must have.... Read More

25% of children make it OurSpace

What is your first response to this survey about children and their online activity according to research by media regulator Ofcom? See the full article here. One in four underage children (between 8 to 12 year olds) have profiles on social networking sites. But children under 13 are not allowed to have a profile on the major platforms, including Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, under those sites’ terms of use. The under-age users of the social networking sites, though, appear to be... Read More

What's your Blind Side?

One of our favorite Orange leaders and bloggers is Kendra Fleming. During our last webcast, there was a lot of chatter about knowing our own strengths (and our weaknesses). Here’s part of a very honest post Kendra wrote on this subject– click here to read more. Are you paying attention to your blind spots? Here are a few things about blind spots: You can’t see them! Seems obvious, but YOU aren’t in the best position to see your blind spots or to know how they are affecting the... Read More

Help Orange Leaders make the Final Four!

Last week, we found out that the children’s emphasis on our Orange Leaders site had made a list of top 64 kidmin blogs. How cool! We’ve enjoyed checking out some new blogs and visiting the ones of old friends who were also named (like Jonathan Cliff, Gina McClain, Sam Luce, Matt McKee, Jim Wideman, Amy Dolan and even one of our PDD’s at reThink, Misty Phillips). We made it through the first round of voting, so now we’re facing off with just 3 other blogs left in our... Read More

Investing Big by Starting Small

I truly believe that prioritizing small groups for elementary-aged children and students is the smartest move you can make in your ministry for short-term stability AND to maximize future growth. One of the pictures my financial advisor drew when talking about money markets was a rectangle to represent a pool. Living in Texas, I can fully appreciate this analogy and I watched as he filled the box with a lot of little swimming X’s. Then he drew just one lifeguard big O off to the side watching... Read More