An ORANGE Story– Family Experience in France

I’m from France, near Paris, and we are a small team (2 couples) starting a church from scratch. Two years ago we went to a conference and we discover Kid Stuf for the first time , and we cry because there is nothing like this in our country! So me and my husband we decided to try it on our children (3 kids). They love it! The next step was to try it on our friends’ kids and parents from our small group and they loved it too! In September, we had the opportunity to receive your... Read More

Giving Valentine's Day Away

Two Sundays ago was Valentine’s Day. Now normally our world gets really small on Valentine’s and the day becomes about my wife and me. But this year was different. My family and I got an opportunity to love others. The children’s ministry at our church, Bridgepointe Church in Woodstock, GA, uses 252 Basics, and this month is all about honor and showing others they are valuable. So the staff at Bridgepointe got the idea to let kids make valentines on Sunday morning, and on Sunday afternoon, we... Read More

Our Live Webcast from 2:00 PM EST Today

You missed it! Due to some unfortunate issues with our audio and video not syncing up, we’re removing this video a little early. Go ahead and put a mark on your calendar for this coming Thursday, March 4, at 2:00 pm EST so you don’t miss the next live web cast with Reggie Joiner! We’re so glad that Kristen, Greg and Adam were able to join Reggie in talking about milestones, especially for teenagers and middle schoolers. Susan Shadid’s work in this area was highlighted... Read More

An ORANGE Twist on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

by Angela W. Simpson I have a favorite T-shirt. It’s been worn so much the cotton feels like cashmere. It’s green with a big white recycling symbol on the front. A year or so ago, I threw the shirt on and the logo caused me to have an “a-ha” moment. The “a-ha” was less about the environment and more about how we do ministry in the church. Let’s face it: Church budgets are tight. We could all use more resources, more staff, more money. But, the reality we face is that of limited resources. So,... Read More

The Great Handoff

Years ago, while sitting with thousands at a ministry conference, I sang along with an incredible group of kids who were up on stage leading us all in worship. As I experienced being led by the next generation, I knew God was calling me to equip the youth at our own church to have the same opportunity. I am convinced that the biggest gifts we can give as leaders are early opportunities for the generations coming up behind us to serve. Creating youth worship teams was an easy “win”... Read More