Orange Week- Leverage Influence

What an amazing ORANGE week led by so many Orange Thinkers and Leaders– if you’ve been reading some of their blogs- be sure to comment here or there on what’s resonated with you and your situation.  Many of them will be blogging at Orange Conference 2010 as well.  Isn’t it cool to see all the Orange variations and different stages in implementation?

I didn’t want you to miss out on Gina McClain’s Elevate Community post– the onion analogy is very fitting and original!  Then she can kick off our Leverage Influence day:

Gina McClain (Love her titles- pull you right in!)

Matt McKee

Nick Blevins

Anthony Prince

JC (Great post, questions, picture and Brown analogy!)

Jonathon Cliff


Kenny It seems fitting to end Orange Week highlighting Kenny’s post since he helped kick this whole thing off. He emphasizes that serving makes the difference and brings up a great thought. Kenny believes he is in ministry today because he served in his church as a youth.

I wonder– how many of YOU reading served as a youth in your church or outside the walls and think that it’s one of the main reason you are in ministry today? How are you handing students in your world the keys to ministry and letting them drive?