Orange Week- Elevate Community!

So many Orange Week contests- how will you choose?

You’re Orange Leaders- set apart- you know a lot so you’ll want in on Kenny at Children’s Ministry Online’s guessing game with a very special prize.

So… do you know Reggie Joiner’s middle name? Kenny says you do… because it’s actually Reggie. But he keeps his first name top secret. One of the other Orange Week bloggers- Matt McKee- got Reggie to confide his first name.

If you can guess Reggie’s first name, you’re going to get an autographed copy of Think Orange- with his FULL name- as well as a copy of the new companion workbook. The workbook isn’t out yet, so you’ll get both books as soon as it’s ready. This contest will run through Sunday. The person who guesses his first name or gets closest to his first name wins the books. Feel free to post as many guesses as you’d like or fill a comments with as many guesses as you want.

Drum roll please, here are the blogs focused on Elevate Community:





JC (We love his personal story of someone that leaned into his life!)



Who else blogged on Elevating Community? Have you already started brainstorming or working on your Family Experience audition or highlight videos to send in to win tickets for your cast to Orange 10? We’re attaching the instructions here in case you didn’t see it the first time around. Jump in…