Orange Week: Integrate Strategy

Have you noticed a lot of Orange buzz, blogs and tweets? Kenny Conley and a crew of bloggers have kicked off Orange Week! To read his welcome and summary of what Orange is all about, click here or read the summary below.

During Orange week others are blogging on the same topic each day and links to their posts will show up in the comments. Be sure to visit their posts to see how the elements of the Orange strategy are being carried out in real-live scenarios. If you want to share your thoughts surrounding this topic you can either by replying in the comments or writing a post on your own blog and linking back to this specific blog post (so the link to your post will show up in the comments).

To make it easier for more people to follow along and join in– we’re providing links here on Orange Leaders a little behind this on-fire group of Orange bloggers.

On day one, Kenny and his fellow bloggers talked about the first Orange Essential– Integrate Strategy. Check out what they have to say, add your comments and spread the word… #orangeweek or #orange10.

Kenny Conley’s Orange Week- Integrated Strategy

Dan Scott’s Integrate Strategy Part 1 and Part 2

Kendra Golden’s Integrated Strategy

Matt McKee’s Orange Week Peeled: Strategy

Jonathan Cliff’s Integrated Strategy

Anthony Prince’s Orange Week: Integrated Strategy

Sam Luce’s Orange Week: Integrated Strategy

Gina McClain’s Spare Parts Won’t Get You Anywhere

JC’s Strategy

BONUS: reThink has released Orange BADGES for your blog or website- click here and Kenny will tell you how to add one today!

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