Frugality, Orange-style (part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about how to make 20 percent of your dollars contribute to 80 percent of your WOW factor. Here are a few more practical ideas that will help you spend wisely while creating a killer environment for your ministries. Watch several episodes of “Design on a Dime” to prime the creative pump. I know you think I’m joking, but really, you can become an expert at this at least in your own mind. My personal test of ability is if one person other than your spouse thinks you are good at... Read More

Frugality, Orange-style

In this economy where many churches are cutting budgets or delaying spending, I firmly believe when it comes to budgets sometimes less is more. I often describe our philosophy about environments by saying we get 80 percent of the WOW for 20 percent of the dollars. I confess our philosophy didn’t start out as a philosophy but rather a necessity. When creating our children and student environments, our budget was quite limited. Yet, while the budget reflected the limit of our financial... Read More

An early Christmas present

Our team just sent the final version of The Orange Leader Handbook off to print, and first copies will be rolling off the press just in time for the Orange Conference. In it, we introduce the Orange-ometer, a tool for gauging the effectiveness of your ministry. The Handbook examines thirty-five components of Orange and includes a variety exercises and activities to complete with your team. If you don’t know where to start in making your ministry Orange, The Orange Leader Handbook will... Read More

Staging a revolt

What songs, if they were removed from your worship music lineup, would cause the kids in your ministry to revolt? We’re looking for the favorites from preschoolers, children, and students. What songs do they light it up... Read More

Add your caption

Does this remind you of your ministry calendar for December? See the original post here and write a caption for it! Post it in the comments here or on Out of Ur. If it hits too close to home, try rereading the December Orange Leaders curriculum... Read More