The post-Christmas post (part 3)

So far this week we’ve thought about the wins and the learns from 2009. Today, consider the do-overs. What do you wish you could get a mulligan on? Think through big-picture things like programming, scheduling, and events, and even drill down to minutiae like conversations and personal exchanges.

What caused you the most negative stress this year? How might it have been avoided?
When things didn’t go exactly right, how were they rectified?
Did any of these situations turn out to be less of a catastrophe than you initially thought?
What would you do differently next time? How can you prepare now for next time?

This may not be the most encouraging time you spend on reflection, but it’s helpful. Remember that saying, Those who do not understand history will be destined to repeat it? Carve out some time today to think through the rougher parts of 2009 and consider how you can prevent the same mistakes in the future.