Aaaand on to the next holiday

With all the turkey we can handle now safely under our belts, we turn our eyes toward the day upon which the entire kid year revolves: Christmas. It’s not news that it’s going to be another tough year to fill the stockings and cover the tree skirt with gifts, and parents know this as well as anyone. If you’re a ministry leader, you’re in a unique position to help parents address this strongly-felt need while also helping engage them in the mission of your church or... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post today to wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings. We hope your days are filled with delicious food and loving friends and family. We’re thankful to all of you for the work you do for families, children, and students all over the US and around the world. Read More

Bikes, students, and Rwanda

This note came to us from Brent Isbill of Oakwood Baptist Church in New Braunfels, Texas. In a recent XP3 series called New Friend Request, we encouraged ministry leaders to host a coffeehouse night (in partnership with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee) as a community outreach event and fundraising opportunity for the people of Rwanda. What a great night we had last night! I am so proud of our students. We raised $2000 last night which will buy eight bikes for families in Rwanda. That is eight... Read More

No, seriously … boys can sing!!

Yesterday I gave two suggestions for things you should examine in your ministry if you’re having trouble getting young boys to participate in worship. Here are a couple more suggestions for this tough-to-engage crowd. 3. Make sure your leaders look like they like to worship. If the people on stage aren’t excited, how can you expect the people in the audience to get excited? Make sure your worship team is full of energy, smiles, and authentic having-a-great-time-praising-God sort of... Read More

Boys can sing?? Boys can sing!!

One of the most frequently asked questions to me is, “How do I get the boys to participate in worship?” It seems it’s an area that way too many churches struggle with. Last month I was leading worship at a church in St. Louis. I looked up and saw a nice young man, probably about ten or eleven years old, singing along with ALL of his heart. You could see the passion in his face and the joy in his smile. My heart did a happy dance seeing him participate in this special time of worshipping the... Read More