The "h" word

Here are a few stats about Halloween: An estimated 47 percent of household consumers decorate for Halloween. Halloween is second only to Christmas in the volume of decorations sold. Over 790 million pounds of jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkin pies will be bought. Candy sales will exceed $2 billion. More than 93 percent of children go trick-or-treating every year. (I wonder how many of those families go to your church?) Most families love Halloween. Right or wrong, there is something about October... Read More

More love for Think Orange

We have been overjoyed with the response to Reggie Joiner’s book, Think Orange! People all over the country (and even the world) are rethinking the way they do family ministry as a result of the principles they’ve read in this book. Here are a few quotes from readers: “This is, without question, the MOST SIGNIFICANT book I have read in 18 years of full-time ministry with families! The impact of this book and the incredible work of Reggie Joiner are shaping families everywhere... Read More

Recruiting is a four-letter word

Recruiting is a four letter word: BEST. Giving everything your best attracts volunteers! Excellence is a people magnet. Over the years I have found that the areas of ministry that recruit and retain the largest percentage of volunteers are those that seem to have the highest standard of excellence. It seems as though people are attracted to ministries that accept no less than the best. These are the ministries where the ministry leaders’ motto is “God has given us His best, so why would we... Read More