The Forgiveness Bucket

This incredible story came to us from Andrea Hayes at Eastridge Community Church in Covington, GA. It’s why we do what we do! On Sunday, we encouraged the kids to draw pictures of God being our forgiving Father. When I asked if someone would like to share his or her picture, five-year-old Elizabeth raised her hand. I asked her, “What is your picture about?” She answered, “This is me and God.” Trying to go a little deeper, I asked her what was happening in her... Read More

Love for volunteers

Do you appreciate your volunteers? Do they know it? My guess is that your overwhelming response to the first questions is yes! but you weren’t quite as confident in your answer to the second one. Of course you love your volunteers. Where would you be without them? (Answer: In the looney bin.) But if they don’t know how grateful you are for them, their sense of commitment can wane. This is particularly true for volunteers in your preschool and children’s ministries, where the... Read More

New to Orange?

Thinking Orange requires five critical elements that must intersect and involve every aspect of family ministry. Regardless of the style or model of a church, applying these principles will help create a culture that brings the church and the family together in perfect sync. If you’re new to the Orange philosophy, the Essence of Orange DVD can help rally your ministry team around this vision for your fall ministry launch. The DVD takes you through the five principles of Orange thinking... Read More

An unsafe culture

Most churches will agree that healthy conflict is a key to a healthy team. Following are a few pointers: Combat gossip and divisiveness by speaking the truth in love early. Stop these two cancers before they even start. Use phrases like, “Is it okay if I tell you what I really think?” and “Can I push back a little?” to open the doors to healthy conflict. If the response is “no,” ask why not. Gossip makes the church an unsafe place to be, both for the staff... Read More

Lessons from car seat installation

I was installing my new son’s car seat for what seemed like the hundredth time this week when the thought occurred to me: I do this all the time. It’s a pain, but I’m going to keep doing it. After all, there is something greater at stake: his life. Meanwhile, my wife and I are thinking about signing our daughter up for a dance class. She’s a natural, and she will enjoy every moment. Starting the a family bus service won’t be easy, but we’ll make the necessary adjustments. Something... Read More